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Night nursing/ waking.

For those who have nursing kids over one year old. How may times does your LOs nurse at night and how many times do they wake up? My lo wakes up about every 1-2hs all night still and nurses about every 2-3hs at night. I'm trying to see what is more normal for bf kids this age

Re: Night nursing/ waking.

  • Following because my 10 month old does this exact thing!


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  • How old is your lo? All tots are different. At 12mo my ds was probably waking up twice in a night he is 20 months now and probably half of the week he will still wake up once in the night to nurse but not every night. If you don't do any form of sleep training it just kinda can Depend on them .I personally took the gentle night weaning route there were still tears but i couldnt handle the full blown CIO method and its just been gradual since he's turned a year I don't stress it he's a great sleeper.
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