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Hey everyone! Ive recently posted about my miscarriages and d&c. For those who haven't read my other posts, Monday night i started spotting, I was 8w1d. Tuesday when I was 8w2d i went to my ob, who did an u/s and no heartbeat was seen. I had seen the hb at 6w4d, it was strong at 138. I didnt see this one coming. So i ended up doing an emergency d&c Wednesday. I just received my pathology report and it seems i may have had a partial molar pregnancy. Now im more worried. It says my hcg should be closely monitored to make sure it reaches zero, if not I will have to undergo testing. 

I dont know much about partials except its different from a regular molar because the baby actually grows for awhile and seems normal for some time on u/s. Ive read that those who dont zero out may require medication, or even chemo. Im now a nervous mess. Im unable to go over the path report with my Dr. Until Monday so thats why Id like to get some answers or support from you guys.

Also today I started bleeding and clotting which scared me. Its not a fun day for me. If anyone knows how to read path reports, could you pm me. I know my dr will go over it, but you know how it is. Waiting sucks.

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  • My OB and I briefly talked about molar pregnancies, as I was asking about the importance of getting a pathology report. He did say that when he gets a molar back on path, TTC should go on hold for 6 months because they can be malignant and you want to make sure that your uterus has completely shed all of that tissue. I so hope this isn't the case for you. You're welcome to send me the report. I know medical terminology and while I don't know OB specifics, I might be able to help you weed through the jargon. 

    Continued prayers Glitter. I know this is all so hard. 
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  • Yikes! I am so very sorry you are going though this. That sounds really scary. I hope your doc can shed some light about it for you!
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    Thanks, @a2003tiger helped me understand it a little better. So im not as nervous but I will be calling asap Monday to check.
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