2nd Trimester

Does this babe flow?

My SO and I came up with Isabella Amara..does it flow? What do you ladies think??

Re: Does this babe flow?

  • Isabella is beautiful name. It's very popular now, so it wouldn't be something I would choose, but I love the name.

    Amara is not my style, and I don't like the two similar sounding "ah" ending names together. 
  • You will get a lot better feedback if you post this on the baby name board 
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  • kyraaDkyraaD member
    what is Amara..? is that like, a family name? a made up name? if you guys just made it up i would scratch it & choose another one.
  • Amara is a real name, not made up, just not super popular.  OP, I think the combination is fine but it does kind of rhyme with the two -ah endings.
  • Love it!!
  • I really like it!
  • maddenmama15maddenmama15 member
    edited May 2016
    Amara is a real name lol. That was my supervisor's name at my old job  :D And I think it's beautiful. So is Isabella. So if you like them together then that's all that matters  ;)
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