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Does your stomach feel different yet??

This is my 2nd pregnancy so you'd think I'd remember some of this but it's been 4 years so I'm rusty.  I am just over 10 weeks and most of the time my stomach feels totally normal.  I'm not showing yet (although my fat stomach that I already have maybe a tiny bit fatter) but I still feel like I can bend, turn whatever and don't feel a difference.  At times I have some pressure or mild cramps down there which reminds me something is growing in there but most of the time I am amazed something is in there and I can't even tell.  
Do you feel this way too???

Re: Does your stomach feel different yet??

  • I did, but in the last week I've popped and now my uterus is definitely over my pelvic bone and visible. I'm 11 weeks with my third.
  • I felt that way at ten weeks, too. By then my symptoms were decreasing, so I started to question if I was even really pregnant. (Lol, pregnant brains are weird.) I'm 12 weeks now and can feel it all the time. It's just a little lump that reminds me something is down there. :) Give it a week or two! You'll feel it.
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  • 12 weeks with my 3rd and I feel nothing. This is my milestone day from my MMC and I might just pull out the home Doppler just for some reassurance. 
  • @NatashaSprout good luck getting through today!

    And I don't really feel any different from pre-pregnant me. Totally agree with the 'am I even pregnant' mindset
  • At 13 weeks (#2) my symptoms are less intense but I feel more pregnant. My tummy feels pregnant and not just flabby and certain positions tug on my insides a bit. I'm certainly not uncomfortable but I am actually feeling like something is happening in there. I feel
    intermittent movement, too, which is always awesome!

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  • mrsjlangmrsjlang member
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    If I move a couple certain ways I can feel something. but otherwise its the bloat. No distinguishable bump as of yet. I was kind of pudgy to begin with so I'm not expecting to bump for a bit.

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  • My waist is gone. That narrow taper? Yeah, gone. There's a tiny pathetic slope. My abdomen is hard, my stomach looks like half an egg. I kind of love it though, I finally look pregnant and not fat. 
  • Turkey turkey gobble gobble 
  • I've got a FUPA. It's not in my belly yet, though I'm bloated as hell and it might as well be. 
  • Oh man, thanksgiving dinner sounds awesome! 
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  • Yeah, my belly finally stopped having a bunch of pain, like my colon and bladder were smashed. And all of a sudden I'm really thick.  FTM, so I have no idea what it's like when the uterus decides to start growing up.  11 weeks seems early, but what do I know.  Can you actually feel the uterus when you touch your belly? Or did I finally just fart it all out and the 6 weeks of sitting on my ass caught up with me?
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  • Mine still looks like bloat, but I can feel my uterus now and when I move certain ways I feel a tugging/pulling sensation. This morning I was looking for LO's heartbeat and the left side of my uterus was really really hard and like bumped up.... I think it was my uterus anyway, or it could have been like a pretty full intestine. Who knows. Anyway, I'm 13 weeks and this is really the first week that I'm starting to actually feel my ute. 
  • I'm already fat, but at 10w now I can't lay on my stomach anymore. Feels too weird.
  • whaatwhaat member
    I'm 13w3d with my first and I suddenly feel like I'm showing. I've lost weight on every other part of my body but my pooch is bigger and harder and I can't suck it in, although it's not perfectly round because there's still fat on top. Will probably post on this Wednesday's hdbd for the first time.  :)
  • I'm 11 weeks and no sign on my uterus, it's still tucked away (this is my second). 
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  • 13 +2 and there's a difference starting to show. Plus it feels tighter on the inside, like there's suddenly less room (gee, i wonder why.).
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  • I'm at 10 weeks 2 days and I am very overweight, so visually, nothing is much different, but I definitely feel a bit more full near my pelvis. I gave in and bought a pregnancy pillow already, so for what that's worth, sleeping is less comfortable than before I was pregnant. LOL

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  • I'm 9w6d and I definitely feel something different in there. I can't explain it, I guess everything just feels full in there. I also feel like I might have a tiny bump, but it might also be in my head. I know it's a little early but I don't even weigh 100 lbs so I'm thinking my small weight has something to do with it. Who knows
  • I'm definitely showing now, doesn't feel much different (I still feel like I'm just getting a chubby belly) but the fundus is like halfway between my pubic bone and belly button now so it's not all bloat anymore. I'm still comfortable sleeping on my stomach (thank goodness, not looking forward to they time when that changes).
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  • I don't really feel any difference yet. 10 weeks with baby #2. My lower stomach may be slightly harder but otherwise I don't notice it and I'm sure no one else can either. I keep looking back at my weekly pictures from ds and I feel like I was showing more by this point but I was also 10 lbs lighter starting out with him so that could be why.
  • kg8006kg8006 member
    I'm 10w5d with my 1st and I can't really tell yet... I feel kinda different. When I lay down everything feels tight like I'm stretching it. but with the help of a pillow, I am still laying on my stomach. I have a lot of scar tissue from my myomectomy, but there is a little bulge above the scar line. And I still have my bloat (although it has gone way down this past week). I started at 102lbs and gained about 6 lbs already. Other than the tightness and the digestive problems, still don't really feel pregnant (not complaining about the lack of nausea) but also wondering when I will show...
  • FTM at 11w3d and there's not a whole lot going on. When I slouch, I feel pressure/fullness, but visually, it's just bloat and little chub.
  • 13+4 and I'm still bloatey. If I bend over to grab something I can feel something, so I've been trying the squat instead.
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