Pregnant after a Loss

How Long?

I am currently not expecting but was wondering how long after your loss did you get pregnant? I am just feeling hopeless right now. I loss baby #2 in Feb 2016 and have had 2 AF's since. Just looking for some positive vibes and positive outcomes. Good luck to all of you

Re: How Long?

  • I'm sorry you're feeling so hopeless. With my last miscarriage I had a D&C in May 2015 at 9w. I had two wonky cycles after that and then conceived my son who was born 16 days ago! Keep your head up! I hope for a BFP for you soon! 
  • I had a D&C early December and I had 2 wonky cycles and then got pregnant while on another wonky cycle- I ovulated on CD 25. Keep your head up. I know how hard this time is, but hopefully it will happen before you know it!
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  • I had an unassisted m/c Feb 29. I had one weird cycle where I Ovulated earlier than normal and am currently about 5 weeks pregnant. 
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    Our Rainbow Baby H arrived at 37 weeks on 12/20/16!
    Baby E arrived at 37 weeks on 01/31/15!
    Married my Marine 05.23.14

    TWIN LOSS 7.2.15
    BFP 9.7.15 CP 
    BFP 12.31.15 MC 2.28.16
    BFP 10.14.17 CP
    BFP 3.10.18 D&C 4.13.18
  • D&C  Dec 4th & December 21st (lucky me)
    Bleeding stopped January 4th
    Positive pregnancy test at Doc checkup on Jan 22

    I'm 17 weeks today.  :)
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  • I'm just trying to stay positive,  it took me 6 months to get pregnant with my DD and 11 months for my mc, I just want my 2 babies and I'll be done.
  • D&C April 2015, waited 2 cycles and conceived in September 2015. 
  • April 29th 2015, cytotec for the MMC.
    Waited 2 cycles as my doc advised me, then got pregnant then. I'm due tomorrow, April 30th, 2016. 
    We're waiting for her to pop out!
  • d&c nov 6th and then bfp feb 10. 15w2d today :) 
  • d&c March 6th bfp August 5th d&c 9/11 bfp 10/15 currently 32w2d. 
  • I had a stillborn daughter at 31 weeks in September. My OB advised me to wait 3 months to let my body heal since I was so far along. I conceived at the beginning of February.


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