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Crazy lady talking about "Me-ternity Leave."

I'm just gonna leave this here. This just makes my blood boil. While I loved being with my little girl, thanks to health issues and abject fear that something would happen, the first weeks of her life were also miserable as well. 

Re: Crazy lady talking about "Me-ternity Leave."

  • I saw this and thought it was ridiculous as well. If I ever met this women, I would tell her that if meternity is called a vacation...take one. I never felt like either of my maternity leaves were a vacation. And any life reavaluation I did was because of the new little life I brought into the world---not for myself. Absurd. 
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  • I think honestly the problem resides for all workers, as American labor and leave policies are not human in so many ways. Many countries provide generous regular vacation to parent and non parent employees, and then additional leave periods for those who become parents. I don't blame her for wanting something different than our work-you-to-the-bone labor mentality...who doesnt?! But to suggest that maternity leave is some sort of vacation is UTTER crap. Between healing yourself, operating on no sleep or schedule, and tending to a very little newborn is challenging to the very soul. She also realizes that this vacation gig is UNPAID for the majority of women, right??? Oh yes, what a luxury to have this cushy unpaid vacation worried about your bills and planning a better life and deliberating our passions...we mothers are just laughing about this luxury while all the non mom's are at the office. Crazy.
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  • Wow.  That article was some serious BS.  I've found being back at work much less exhausting and stressful than caring for a newborn full time.  I love DS to death, but I'm glad I have a job to go back to.
  • I worked far harder during my maternity leave than at my job. And I was healing from childbirth. I don't think anyone understands until they are in it. 
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  • EbiejayEbiejay member
    She wants time off from her 10 hour days. I think most parents of newborns wish their work days were only 10 hours. This woman must be clueless about the mental, emotional and physical work that goes into caring for a newborn, especially since many woman do this with the loss of a paycheck. 

    @jodiedrich18 has a point, America in general has terrible vacation practices compared to most other countries. But the same goes for maternity leave.
  • Some people man, it was so stupid I couldn't even finish reading the article. Self absorbed and unaware.
  • When I returned from maternity leave several people asked how my break was. I politely corrected them that having a baby and caring for a newborn is not a break. Your life/body go through a major adjustment. I'm still physically healing (granulation tissue that fx is soon to be resolved after a silver nitrate treatment the other day) and emotionally healing. But I can shamefully say until I experienced it I didn't know how hard it was. I think that is the case with a lot of people in the US and part of why getting federally granted paid maternity is such a struggle. I think mothers are guilt tripped and repeatedly told "it's really not that difficult " when it is! Even while I was in labor at the hospital the anesthesiologist told me how women didn't get pain medication before and would be back in the fields hours after delivery. Not the time lady. 
  • Margaritas are just as important as children i guess. I am a SAHM for the most part but i work one day a week and its nice to have a break from the 24 hour care of my little one. Maternity leave does not equal a vacation. I bet these life changes made in maternity leave aren't due to self reflection, but instead it's moms trying to figure out what's best for baby. Stupid stupid stupid!
  • Can I have a me-ternity leave from my sahm job? Kthanksbye (sarcasm)
  • I'd like to give her my PPD and PPA for a few days and then revisit the subject and still see if she has the same things to say. 
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