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  • 5 weeks 2 days HCG level 6,105
    5 weeks 4 days HCG level 11,000
  • 1st 68 2nd 158. Go tomorrow for a 3rd

    It's a BOY

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    @momthatlifts that's good news! I'll keep my fingers crossed for good mumbers. My on gave me the option of repeating betas or going in for an ultrasound next week. Hopefully  both of ours continue to rise.

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    I'm 6w 4d. 3 days ago I was 26,620. 48 hours later I was 39,130. Only a 47% increase in 48hrs. They wanted it to double.

    I have an ultrasound scheduled tomorrow to see what's going on, because I've been having mild spotting off and on. I'm terrified that something is wrong. 

    Hoping that I'm just a slow increaser. But preparing for the worst.
  • I'm 6w 4d. 3 days ago I was 26,620. 48 hours later I was 39,130. Only a 47% increase in 48hrs. They wanted it to double.

    **Quote box fail***
    I've been obsessively reading about beta doubling rates and have found quite a few sites that say once you hit 6-7 weeks, the doubling rate can slow down to every 3.5 days instead of every 48 hours. That being said, I completely understand how stressful the uncertainty is at this stage. I hope you feel better after the ultrasound tomorrow.

  • I've read that too, but now I'm concerned because they want to do an ultrasound. Hopefully they're just being cautious. This is too much!
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    My betas were 13.300, I thought I was only 4w3d but dr office thinks I ovulated early and I'm more like 5w3d. Still that number seems high and I'm worried now it could be a molar pregnancy. Having had 2 precious losses is making me soo nervous
  • My PCM only wanted to do one beta at 13DPO and it was 62. I took their urine HPT at the same time and it was so slow to turn doc initially told me it was negative. Nurse came in a few minutes later showing a faint line.

    Progesterone was 39.5 

    The OBGYN office I asked to be referred to does ultrasounds at 8 weeks. 
  • My first beta (10 days after my IVF transfer) was 126. My second, almost two weeks later, was 8311. 
    TTC since 3/2014
    PCOS - Clomid Oct. - Dec. 2014
    Cancelled IUI Nov. 2015
    IVF #1 retrieval 2/2016, transfer 4/18/16 (1 embie, 17 frosties)
    BFP 4/28/16
    Beta #1 - 126, beta #2 - 8311
    SCH 5/10/16 - baby still has heartbeat!
    U/S 5/19 - We are having TWINS!
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  • 803 at 3w3d according to LMP, I have no idea how many DPO I would I would be. 

    Spontaneous pregnancy #1
    DD1 July 31, 2011

    Trying for #2 since Oct 11
    732973 Clomid Cycles
    2 IUIs 
    3 Fresh IVFs= 1 Ectopic treated with MTX
    Spontaneous pregnancy #2= Ectopic #2= lost left tube
    Spontaneous pregnancy #3= DD2 January 29, 2016
    Spontaneous pregnancy #4= Ectopic #3
    Spontaneous pregnancy #5= Baby #3 is a BOY!!! 

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    5w4d 6081, 5w6d 8269, 6w1d 15513 first ultrasound 5w4d confirmed 5w ultrasound 5/19 can't get here fast enough LOL
  • High betas don't necessarily mean multiples, right? 
    10dp5dt (15dpo)- 257,  13dp5dt- 1320,  17dp5dt (today)- 9800
    Still doubling fast (30-33 hours) and I'm getting sort of nervous because we DID transfer 2, one meh quality blast and one morula (slow grower).... (This was our 3rd transfer of 2 embryos each time) ACK! C'monnnn ultrasound Wednesday, I need a count!!
    Im right there with you!! 13DPO = 490, 16 DPO = 1198, 19 DPO = 5865. These all seem really high to me!! Cant wait for our US tomorrow!!
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  • Mine at 19 DPO were 721. 21 DPO (but only 40 hours later) was 1365. Doctor said these were perfect but I can't believe I have to wait til 8 weeks to get an ultrasound. Has anyone been using the clear blue weeks estimators? Mine still haven't gone to 3+ and I'm 25 DPO today. Makes me nervous :/ 
  • j32444j32444 member
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    @rosenyc123 I tried using the clear blue weeks estimator. I am 5 weeks today I beleive and it says 1-2 weeks. I have read awful things about them online. I wouldn't pay to much attention to the test.

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