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Short Cervix

I went in for my 20w US yesterday and my cervix measured 2.9 cm.  My Dr.  Just wants it rechecked in two weeks and said no modifications need to be made in the meantime.  I, of course, went home and googled a bunch on it and now I'm freaking out about posdibly having to be on bedrest.  Anyone have experience with short cervix that they'd like to share? 

Re: Short Cervix

  • Dr Google is the WORST thing you can do. Stay away from Google at all times, unless its for non-medical things. :) 

    That being said, I do not have experience with this, but I'll send some ladies from my BMB over that have.

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  • I was told I had a shortened cervix at my 20w appt also, sometimes it's the angle they use to look at the length and it's actually not short. I wouldn't panic about being on bedrest just yet. 
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  • If needed they will do a cerclage which is pretty successful. Don't stress, but keep your OB informed if you feel anything different or weird. 
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