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Flying with a toddler

Does anyone have advice for long flights with a LO under 2? We are flying to Hawaii in 6 weeks and I can't decide if buying him his own seat is worth the extra money. He's very active and hates being held for long periods of time unless we're walking. I figure if he gets tired in his carseat, at least he could take a nap. But I'm wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this? Also does anyone know if Alaska airlines has enough space for a big carseat without him kicking someone in front? I'm really stressing about this and just want to make the right decision so we have a peaceful flight.

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    I can't answer specifically about your airline or getting his own seat. We are flying with our 20 month old and recently had a bad experience when she had to sit for 25 minutes and ended up being very disruptive to people around us (constantly switching seats, loudly begging for things not in reach, finally falling out of a chair due to all the squirming and screaming hysterically). We typically don't allow any screen time or technology, but I think for everyone's sanity our best bet is to find some cute apps or shows to put on the iPad while we're in the air. Good luck!
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    I flew with DD at 21mos.  It was only a 2 hour flight, so I opted to have her as a lap kid and it was fine.  We actually lucked out and had the middle seat open in our row, so she was able to sit on her own for a bit during the flight which was a nice break.  I didn't have a car seat for her on the plane, just lap carried her for take off and landing.

    For a long flight like HI, I'd probably suck it up and pay for the extra seat.

    Straight flight tip: Pack fruit snacks and a sippy cup.  Give them to her at take off and landing and it'll help with the ear popping since she's too young for gum.
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    We're taking a flight to Europe with our son who will be 15 months at the time. We did splurge for a seat, and I'm  hoping we can have an extra seat in the middle on top of that. We're also bringing an ipad with baby headphones, and lots of toys, snacks and other distractions. I think I'll deprive him of the travel day's afternoon nap in hope that he will end up sleeping more during the flight, but I'm staying away from Benadryl and the like. The flight is timed really awkwardly - it leaves around 5pm, and his bedtime isn't until 9pm these days.

    If anyone has good travel toys to recommend, I'd be really curious to hear about them! In fact, I might start another thread on that...
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    ^^ Hi @marijaa333! Have a great trip :)
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