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Anyone on implanon....?

I got implanon inserted at my 6 week appt. I got a period after my insertion but now I'm 14 days late and my nipples are killing me... (I lost all my milk supply when DD was just a few weeks old so I'm not nursing) These last few days I've been completely nauseous and nothing is appealing to eat. Has anybody on here gotten pregnant while on implanon? This is our only form of birth control. I'm planning on taking a test tonight but I'm stuck here at work all day having to be a nervous nelly. I had a csection and want a vbac so this will definitely not give me that option  :'( other than that we would be pretty excited, we were just kind of planing to wait until DD was a year lol 

just asking if anyone on here has gotten pregnant while on this form of birth control? 

Re: Anyone on implanon....?

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    Sounds like side effects of hormonal birth control. But test to be safe :) 
  • I got it put in around 10 weeks postpartum because I had too much scar tissue to do an iud. I had my period once around 5 weeks pp before I got it put in, and haven't gotten it again since. I've read that with the implanon, it's really common to not have any bleeding. It may just be a side effect, but I'd run out on my lunch break and test, just in case :) good luck!
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  • Thanks guys!! 
  • I have nexplanon (same thing) and this is my 3rd one. I was still having postpartum bleeding at 4 weeks when I had mine inserted and have had nothing since. With my first implanon I spotted on and off for 6 months and then basically went 2 1/2 years without a period. If I got paranoid I just took a test every few months. I asked the OB who put my first one in if she's ever had one of her patients get pregnant on it and she said never one of hers. She also said that it's a Super reliable form of birth control and the only patients she has heard of getting pregnant with it had very large BMIs. 
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