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Emergency D&C Today. All is Well

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Well guys, i had an emergency d&c this afternoon. I hoped i could naturally do it but my body didnt cooperate. I started clotting like the last time but the baby was bigger than the last time so we decided it was a better choice. The hospital was wonderful to me, they handled everything so well on short notice, and thankfully the anesthesiologist agreed that I should be fully sedated. I was in and out in 4 hours. I wake up easy from anesthesia and I was doing well, they gave me one dose of pain medicine, and prescribed ib profen since my pain was mild. They ask you if you would like to bury your baby or have them bury it for you. I chose them to do it, my lil baby will be buried in a cemetary 10 mins from my house, and the hospital has a ceremony for you at the grave site which i thought was so kind. After delivery the OR nurses even say a prayer ovdr the baby for you, I was so amazed at how well they treated us. I feel ok physically, im cramping but not bleeding too much. Im ok emotionally but its affecting me more this time than the others. I guess because i was farther along, and I thought this one was sticking. It breaks my heart that I lost the baby within 12 hours of me finding out I miscarried. I was supposed to be 8w2d and baby measured 8w2d. But im glad my body knew right away something wasnt right. They will test baby and I this time since its considered recurrent. Im so scared of never having my rainbow but I will keep trying in the future. I thank you all for everything. 

*Partial copy from my Dec. 16 board.

Re: Emergency D&C Today. All is Well

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    I am sorry for your loss and that you ended up with an emergency procedure, but glad that it sounds like it went relatively well, physically.  That is very lovely that the hospital was so understanding and is able to bury your baby in such a compassionate manner.  Hugs.  
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    So sorry lady. Thoughts and prayers for healing for you. Glad the physical experience was a good one. 
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    So sorry for your loss- Hope that now that the physical part is behind you, you can move forward with your recovery. *hugs*
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