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Nathan ____________?

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DH and I are thinking of naming DS2 Nathan, but are undecided on a middle name.  It will be a Nigerian (Igbo) name, as that is DH's country of origin.  Which do you like best?  Kelechi, meaning "thank God"; Obinna, meaning "father's heart", or Zikora, meaning "show the world".  Last name is also Igbo, starts with O, and has 4 syllables.

Nathan ____________? 69 votes

Nathan Kelechi (kell-AY-chee) O- - - -
36% 25 votes
Nathan Obinna (oh-BEE-nah) O- - - -
26% 18 votes
Nathan Zikora (zee-COR-ah) O- - - -
37% 26 votes

Re: Nathan ____________?

  • They are all great choices and work really well with Nathan. I would pick whichever one you love the meaning of most.
  • I voted for Obinna, because I love the meaning. But they all work well with Nathan.  I like that you are incorporating your husband's heritage into the name.
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  • I chose Obinna too, because of its meaning. So sweet! But any would flow well with Nathan.
  • I love Obinna because of the meaning. So sweet.
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  • I picked Zikora because I like the way it sounds, but I also like Kelechi!
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