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My 22 month old is misbehaving!

I am having issues with my two year old not behaving in daycare. They keep complaining about him that he does not follow directions, runs inside the class, throws toys, push kids, and disrupt nap time as well as not focusing on tasks they give him. I am getting frustrated and concerned. I am scared to find out that he has ADHD :(. I am taking him to the pediatrician to see what he tells me and hope that it's just a phase. He does have tantrums and stuff but at home he pretty much listens to me and follows directions. I am moving him from that daycare because the teacher does not want to deal with him any more but they just have not said anything. I already have another daycare set for him to start Monday but I am scared I will be having issues with him getting kicked out. I am just wondering if any one here has gone through the same thing? any recommendations? suggestions?

Thank you in advance!

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Re: My 22 month old is misbehaving!

  • I definitely would talk to the Pedi about this but what is he like at home? Does he eat a lot of sugar? Is he wound up a lot? What about when he misbehaves at home? Do you address it? Ignore it? Does he get enough sleep?

    We had to start time out's with my first child around 18 months hold for hitting. I always thought that was pretty early to start disciplining but now I realize it helped BIG TIME because he stopped hitting almost immediately. It's exhausting to always be on top of a young child when they act out, but besides displaying positive behaviors yourself, you need to correct them when they are being bad or they will never learn. Don't just let them get away with whatever they want because they are young. (Not saying you do that, just saying in general).

    Don't freak about ADHD yet. There might be a solution to this you haven't even thought of yet. Good luck.

  • How is the sleep?  

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  • Maybe something is bothering him at the daycare or at home? Is he able to express himself about that? Does he like going there in the mornings? Maybe he needs a bit of special attention in a way that some other kids don't? We're all different and these institutions are notorious for labeling creative or very smart or otherwise exceptional ("ADHD" included) kids when all they need is a bit more patience and care.
  • This may be a stretch, but has he had a hearing test recently? Though he minds at home, it might be worth checking. I worked at a preschool with a 3 yr old that had behavioral problems and it was discovered he had major hearing loss in one ear. Not to scare you and not likely in your case, but it was something we didn't even consider then, so I just wanted to mention it!
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