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Question about EBF babies and BMs

Hi ladies,

I tried searching for this but didn't find anything that quite answered it. Apologies for asking a dreaded poop question! My LO is EBF and drinks pumped milk from bottles at daycare, currently 15 weeks. My pediatrician had let me know that it is quite common for EBF babies to slow their bowel movements down a lot after 6 weeks of age. This happened for my LO....she got into a pattern of only having one every other day or every 3rd day. She was only BF at home with no bottles. However, when she started daycare 5 weeks ago and began taking milk from bottles in addition to BF at home, the past few weeks she's upped her frequency with having 2-4 daily BMs. I called my pedi about this and she was not concerned since LO is otherwise healthy, just a little slow on her weight gain when we went in to have her checked for a cold and she wound up having an ear infection. I was glad for the reassurance....but I am just curious if others' LO have experienced something similar to get a comparison if this is another common occurrence? I never thought I'd find myself worrying about this topic. Welcome to motherhood I suppose.

Re: Question about EBF babies and BMs

  • This has happened to us. My baby was having BMs every 2-3 days too, and then just this week went back to having one every day. Sometimes she will have a couple in one day as well. I think as long as the poo looks normal, they don't appear to be uncomfortable, and there is nothing else weird going on, like a fever, there is nothing to worry about.

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  • It is completely normal for EBF babies to do that. And to echo what beverly0628 said, as long as everything else is fine then no need to worry. My son has gone up to 6 days without going. Mostly it is once or twice a day and sometimes more. 
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  • Your baby sounds completely normal. The more you eat the more you poop, lol. My ebf baby went from stooling alittle each change. Then three to four times a day to now 2 twice a day. My lo has never went a day without a bm. It must be nice to have a day without having to deal with a blow out. 
  • @Hipshaker lol ya it must be nice to have a day without poop everywhere. LO is EBF and has always pooped a lot, though it's changed from every single diaper when she was a newborn to 2-4 times a day. Sometimes more though!
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    My ebf baby is kind of opposite. She used to be every day, then at about 5 weeks she went to every couple days. Recently it's been quite a few days. Once 6 days. But sure enough, every time is a massive blow out. Wish she would go daily but not as much! 
  • My little is EBF and she used to go every day, several times a day from birth to about 8 weeks or so. She will be 16 weeks on Friday and she usually goes once every couple days. Sometimes she will go smaller amounts every day for a couple days. It pretty much shifts between those two things. 
  • My DD is 16 weeks and hasn't gone a day without a BM. At her 2 month checkup her pedi said to expect her BM's to slow down and even not have one for 4-5 days, but it hasn't happened to us yet.
  • We have never had a day without a BM. We have had one day where he only went once and I could tell he was super uncomfortable all day. I would say we have pretty consistently had 2-4 BMs a day since he was 4 weeks or so. It would be nice to have a day without poop but I can't imagine (in fact don't want to imaging) the resulting blowout...
  • LO used to go about 4-5 (sometimes more) times a day. Then, she hit about 12 weeks, and started going every other day. Now, she will go every 3-4 days. It's definitely a LOT of poop when she goes 4 days between BM's, that's for sure! 
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