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Anyone here prego after Paraguard?

I got mine out last month, just had my first AF, looking forward to TTC! 

how long did it take people? I got prego with twins my second month trying last time, hoping it's quick this time too (and I could go for a little LESS effective)

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Re: Anyone here prego after Paraguard?

  • I had a cooper IUD (FlexiT) and it took 6 months the first time (TW - loss) but that pregnancy ended at 7 weeks. Three months later, I was pregnant again - this time with twins!
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  • Congratulations on the twins, my twins are 4, it's hard at the beginning, but they're fierce best friends now =)

    thanks for the info, I was really hoping it to not take me too long, oh well. we will see I guess. 
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    ID Twin girls 04/2012 <3 <3
    Baby #3 Due Jan. 2017  <3

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  • You've got a 20% chance every month with well timed sex.  Some people luck out their first month, others hit that 80% non-success percentage month after month after month and that's normal until you hit 12 months of trying.  We're all different so no one else's experience really has much impact on your own forecast for success.  Best of luck but don't be disappointed if it doesn't happen as quickly as last time. 

  • I got pregnant two cycles after I had my paraguard removed. My first cycle was much longer than I had been used to. AF came four or five days later than usual, while my HPTs stayed fully negative. Confused me a bit!

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  • purelexpurelex
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    I had the Mirena... It was taken out in December and got my first BFP in April. January was a bust because we weren't really trying, so let's call it 2 cycles later.  It can happen quickly or sometimes it just takes longer.  I found that the harder we tried, the longer it took!
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  • Paragard is non-hormonal. Your body doesn't have to re-adjust as it does with many hormonal methods of birth control. Asking this question is like asking how long it takes to get pregnant after stopping the use of condoms. 
  • I had to get that awful POS surgically removed. I had to take a three month doctor recommended breather from TTC, and we got pregnant our second month of trying!!! Good luck!
  • I had Mirena, had it taken out on March 10th of this year, and had a BFP by March 28th. Some people just get pregnant really quickly after removal! 
  • I had mirena as well and it took a few months for my cycle to regulate and get back to normal. I had it removed in July and we had gotten PG in December .

  • I had my last period around April 15-19th, and had the Paraguard removed April 28th. Pregnancy test showed 2 lines as of June 1st. I have no idea how we managed to conceive so quickly. I was so worried about how long we would have to try for. 
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