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Hip Pain

I miss the symptoms board from when we were all preg (not the symptoms though).

Anyway, I thankfully had a somewhat standard labor (minus the 5+ hrs of pushing) and also thankfully an easy physical recovery; except that since about 5 weeks pp, I've had pain in my hip when I run.  At my 6 week appointment my OB said some women get hip pain from labor (I had none during pregnancy) and it would go away.  Well I'm on 4 months now and it's still there so I'm going to sports medicine next week but was wondering if anyone else was in the same boat? 

Re: Hip Pain

  • I've heard aches and pains in different joints can take several months or up to a year by my OB and friends who have had babies recently. I don't have hip pain like you, instead my right knee feels so off and weaker. I could do yoga poses before and during pregnancy that now after baby, definitely hurt in that particular spot when I'm doing stretches or the same poses. I don't like feeling weaker like this, but I know it just takes time to heal. The symptoms just keep rolling our way taking new forms, yay.
  • I have this same thing!  If I run or sometimes randomly when I just move it will almost drop me to my knees.  It is really bothersome sometimes.  I have never had an issue with it prior to giving birth either.
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  • I've got all sorts of aches and pains in my joints that I didn't really notice until after I gave birth. My knees are the worst. 
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