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How many times a night does your LO wake?

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How many times a night does your little one wake these days? I am trying to get an honest read on what's normal/typical. 

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How many times a night does your LO wake? 126 votes

4-5 times (I am a zombie mom)
9% 12 votes
3 times
10% 13 votes
2 times
24% 31 votes
Once a night
33% 42 votes
My baby sleeps through the night (I realize I am the luckiest duck)
22% 28 votes

Re: How many times a night does your LO wake?

  • My LO stirs often during the night, but since we bedshare I'm usually able to nurse her before she fully wakes up. I just go right back to sleep. 
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  • I hear LO "talking" to himself throughout the night, but he only wakes up to eat once. He's content to make to his noises and go back to sleep. 
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  • Mine varies a lot.  Most nights he wakes up 2-3 times, but recently it's been every 1.5-2 hours.  Occasionally he'll only wake up once, but he always makes me pay for that the next two nights.  I'm breastfeeding and my poor boobs don't know what to do at night any more
  • Mine varies. Some nights she sleeps 10-12 hr stretches. Some she wakes once at 3/4. 
  • Mine varies. It used to be 5 times a night. This past week I would say it's usually 3. Sometimes 4. 
  • Another vote for "it varies". We will go one or two nights with only one wake up, then we'll have a "bad" night or two with 4-5 wake ups. This lack of schedule is killing me.
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  • I said once, because DS wakes 1 time to eat still, anywhere between 11:30-1:00 AM.  He may wake 2-3 more times, and we go in to soothe him, but he is never fully awake and we can get him back down within 2-3 minutes. 
  • 2-3 times for me, but usually 3. Shes good at eating and then going right back to sleep. She stirs randomly throughout the night but I don't count that because we just put the binky back in her mouth and she goes back to sleep. This is a new trend though, nights used to be super aweful. 
  • It varies for my son and I. He used to get up only once but last week, he was up between 2-3 times. This week it's been only twice, at midnight and 3 or 4. Fortunately, he eats and then goes back to sleep, so we're only up for about 15-20 minutes each time.
  • Two or three times. Sometimes the third one doesn't really count because it's around 6:30/ 7am & she is ready to get up but I'm not ready yet. So I breastfeed her while laying down & we both doze off for a quick nap & cuddle but ultimately we are up by 8:30 am at the latest. 
  • It used to be once a night. That lasted for about a month. But, for the last two weeks or so, she has been waking up 3-4 times a night (sometimes 5). I'm chalking it up to the 4 month sleep regression. LO will be four months on the 7th. Thankfully, she only wakes up to eat for about 10-15 minutes, and then she's right back to sleep. I've been SO lazy. This whole working/waking up all night is killing me. I just pull her into bed with me and side nurse. I always fall asleep, and wake up an hour later and stick her back in her bassinet. I feel such guilt about it, but I CANNOT stay awake! 
  • We feed him again when we go to bed ourselves, he usually wakes once more for a feed but it's often he's awake a second time for another reason or an extra feed. He's usually good at going back to sleep after though which I'm hoping will help at the 4 month sleep regression in a few weeks.
  • It's hit or miss, but I still never get more than 4 hours because I still have to pump. 
  • Mine was sleeping from 7:30 to about 4 or 5, sometimes 6, then go back to sleep until 8 ish, but this week he's been waking up around 11 before we go to bed too. All of this is fine by me :) 
  • I can't believe how many sleep through the night! I'm super jealous, but it gives me hope too!
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