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How can I make money while on bedrest?

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For the next 4 months of my pregnancy, I will be on bedrest and am collecting medical disability from work, which is only a fraction of my pay. This is a big hit to us financially and we are stressed about finances when the baby arrives -- Any advice on how to supplement my income during bedrest would be very appreciated.
The only thing I have found so far is market research studies that I can do on the phone. I took 1 today, which is great, but the requirements for research studies are often so hit or miss that we cannot rely on it. Any other suggestions? 
Would appreciate hearing from others in a similar situation. Thank you!

Re: How can I make money while on bedrest?

  • What do you normally do for work? Can you talk to them about working from home?
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    You should be careful about disability requirements. Often if you take other work, you no longer qualify. Worth checking if you haven't already
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  • I am an administrative assistant and office manager in a small eye clinic so unfortunately, its very hard to work from home - most of it is in-office with filing, scheduling, maintenance. They have been very kind and understanding but have had to hire a temp to help for the next several months :( 
  • Thank you - I will check.
  • **Lurking from 1st trimester board***

    I'm not sure if you've ever looked into direct sales?  I sell Pampered Chef.  I've been doing alot of online Facebook Virtual parties.  They are tons of fun and all you have to do is get on your computer for one hour and post.  

    I also do the home parties, but I know some consultants that don't have time for that and would rather do the online parties for now.  

    Obviously, there are a ton of direct sale companies out there you could pick from.  But if interested, let me know, I could give you more info on how they work. 

    Wishing you H&H rest of your pregnancy! :)

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  • Sorry to hear about bed rest, but glad your taking it easy. If your on temporary disability and they find out your making wages you could lose your disability and your job. Make sure what your policy says before searching for work. If your clear to make some income, freelance data entry online jobs pay well but it's competitive. If you have billing skills you could advertise on Craigslist for medical billing.....specifically mental health counseling providers. Not sure though, sorry I know it can be stressful to be on bed rest. 
  • I started selling thirty one on bed rest with my first. It supplemented my disability income and was a godsend for my family.
  • I'm a distributor for It Works, and it's been supplementing our income since I went down to part time hours 
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