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Avent Classic Nipples with Classic + Plus Bottles

It has been a few years since I had a newborn and Avent has updated their bottles.  I have all different flow rates of nipples for the Classic bottles.  I found a chart that said that the Classic+ bottles are compatible with the Classic nipples, but they don't recommend using them together.  I am wondering if anyone has used the Classic nipples with the newer Classic+ bottles.  Do they end up leaking? I assume you don't use the O-ring when using the Classic+ bottles with the older nipples. I don't want to mix the types of bottles and nipples and confuse my husband if they don't work well together.

I don't have enough Avent bottles, so I need to get more. I'm not sure if I want/need to buy all new Avent bottles and nipples or to switch over to Medela.  I have never used Medela before, but that is the brand of pump I decided to get. 
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