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Delivery at CMC Main

Has anyone delivered at CMC Main? I've been reading that they are a "baby friendly" designated hospital, meaning that baby rooms in with you and you are not offered formula. Do they really not have a nursery?! I am scheduled for my 3rd c-section in a couple months and I am really developing a lot of anxiety over how I'm going to manage to recover from major surgery and have to hop in and out of bed to care for a newborn right away. I have 2 little ones at home and my husband will need to be at mostly be at home with them. Seems really, really un-supportive and actually pretty forceful. Is this the case here or am I making a big deal out of nothing?? 

Re: Delivery at CMC Main

  • We had our son at CMC and they had a nursery then. He is a little over a year old now. I know they were doing a lot of remodeling.

    As for the formula, they asked us at checkin if we were breast or formula feeding.  Once baby was born they had a formula waiting for us. 

    We had a great experience there. Best of luck!
  • I belive they still have a nursery you can request to have baby sent to, it's just not the default. And since you are having a c-section, the nurses will know you can't be hopping in and out of bed, and should be in often to help. Honestly I would just call the hospital and talk to them about your concerns! Good luck!
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