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Has anyone delivered at CMC Main? I've been reading that they are a "baby friendly" designated hospital, meaning that baby rooms in with you and you are not offered formula. Do they really not have a nursery?! I am scheduled for my 3rd c-section in a couple months and I am really developing a lot of anxiety over how I'm going to manage to recover from major surgery and have to hop in and out of bed to care for a newborn right away. I have 2 little ones at home and my husband will need to be at mostly be at home with them. Seems really, really un-supportive and actually pretty forceful. Is this the case here or am I making a big deal out of nothing?? 

Re: Delivery at CMC Main

  • We had our son at CMC and they had a nursery then. He is a little over a year old now. I know they were doing a lot of remodeling.

    As for the formula, they asked us at checkin if we were breast or formula feeding.  Once baby was born they had a formula waiting for us. 

    We had a great experience there. Best of luck!
  • I belive they still have a nursery you can request to have baby sent to, it's just not the default. And since you are having a c-section, the nurses will know you can't be hopping in and out of bed, and should be in often to help. Honestly I would just call the hospital and talk to them about your concerns! Good luck!
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  • Congratulations!! I had my little on at Presby Main, but I have photographed Fresh 48 sessions at CMC Main! I don't think they have a dedicated nursery, or at least not that they will offer. However, I'm pretty sure that the nurses will take baby if you ask or say that you need to get some sleep. I had a friend who delivered in Matthews and they didn't offer it there... her baby fell out of the bed because she and her hubby were so entirely zonked from labor. All the NC hospitals highly encourage baby in room, but again.. pretty sure a nurse can still take them!
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