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Measuring large for dates

I recently had an ultrasound to investigate why I was measuring ahead.  Doctor says, according to ultrasound results, baby measures 3weeks ahead. They are confident in my due date, and glucola test was normal, so doctor tells me to watch what I eat and try exercising since the baby is so big.  I remind her that I'm 30 weeks and have only gained 13 lbs. She says that my calories could be going straight to the baby, so he's getting bigger even tho I'm not.  WHAT? is this even possible? My husband and I are both tall and were both large babies so I assumed that was the reason. I would feel terrible if my eating habbits were to blame... I do eat a lot, but I exercise every day!  Can my baby be large because of me even though IM not gaining too much???

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    It doesn't sound like you are doing anything wrong!  You seem healthy and this is just how your pregnancy is progressing.... Hope things mellow out for you and baby!!
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    US measurements later in pregnancy can been less accurate. The most accurate are those in first tri to determine EDD. I measured about 2 weeks ahead since early second tri. LO just ended up being a big baby (bigger than DH and I) and would have probably gone past my due date if I didn't have a section. I gained 42 lb (started at 110) OB never seemed concerned. I was on bed rest 90% of the time so exercise was off limits. 
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