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milk blister

Any of you ever get one ive had one on my right nipple I've popped it about 4 or so times already in last couple months it clogs up about 2 oz of milk or so each time. It goes away or heals and eventually comes back and I have to do it all over again and deal with a painful nipple. Any of you have advice how to get rid of it permanently?   

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    I have the same problem on my left nipple, I hope someone has a solution. 

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  • Ugh I had one and it was so painful! LC told me there was basically nothing to do about it but wait it out. It took a couple weeks but eventually went away. I think heat/steam is supposed to help though, so there's a good excuse to take a long hot shower :)
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  • I get them too. I even went to the doctor because one filled with blood. You pretty much have to wait for them to just go away. Pumping instead of nursing is supposed to help. They're usually caused by a bad or lazy latch. 
    It's not recommended that you pop them due to a risk of infection. 
  • I had one and used a diaper to apply heat to it. The combination of warm/wet loosened it up quite a bit. Then I pumped it dry. I also had to use a needle to lift the edge of it and get the clogged stuff out (don't worry, I sterilized the needle first). It was gross and stringy and yellow, but once I got that out it went away within a couple days. Also, pump on a really high setting, like right on the edge of painful. Good luck ladies! Milk blisters and clogged ducts suck...
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