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hip dysplasia

FTM here, my LO is 15w now, today got diagnosed with hip dysplasia and has to wear harness for 3months. I know it could be worse (at least it's not so severe that we have to do surgery) but it's getting me down seeing her tied up like that, especially since she loves moving about. She recently started rolling over, sitting and lifting upper body with help, and now she can't do anything. Are there any mums out there who went or going thru this? I'm worried that this will cause delays in moving and crawling since she's tied up 24h..

Re: hip dysplasia

  • We had a scare with this at first but baby didn't end up needing the pavlik harness.  I did some research at that time.  Here's a link to a site with tons of great information. It really helped me understand all the facets of it, including the emotional part a mom has to go through. Hope this helps you too! 

  • unfortunately for us it's definitely needed I took 3 doc opinions and they all said same things basically, if we don't fix now shel have trouble or need surgery when she's in her 30s. We're adjusting though I think it's harder on us parents than LO honestly, thanks for the info though the site was useful :) 
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  • My niece's baby had to wear the harness recently. She's now a happy, healthy. 8 month old with no delays. 
    Hang in there moms!
  • My LO was breech so she had a routine U/S at 6 weeks which also showed hip dysplasia. We were told the same thing...she'll develop normally, but likely end up with arthritis and need surgery when she hits her 30s. She also needed a harness. I completely understand why you feel the way you do. It sucked seeing her unable to kick her legs and stuck in that froggy position. It made baby snuggles rigid...there were outfits hanging in her closet she couldn't wear. Even though it could be worse, it was still upsetting! No one wants to see their squishy little baby in a brace. It took a lot of getting used to. 

    Did the doctors you saw have any different opinions about how long she needs the harness? We were originally told 18 weeks and then a second doctor said that was excessive and he thought 6 would do it since it was a mild case. After three weeks she had a follow up u/s that showed her hips had stabilized. Then after another three weeks she had an X-ray that showed that the sockets had deepened and the hips looked perfect. They took her out of the harness immediately. This was just last week! 

    If the doctors had different timelines maybe you can go with the Doctor that gave the shortest? Some are much more conservative with the treatment.  Hang in there!!! I know it's not easy. 
  • Snuck over from December 15. My daughter is in the process of weaning out of the harness now. I'm happy to chat and offer any tips or advice. I was devastated but now it's no big deal and my daughter adjusted really well. In the end will be 14 weeks. 8 full time and 6 at night. 
  • Thank u for info guys:) it's getting better i think, yesterday she even went thru a changing w/o crying big improvement!
    Since her hip angles are 31 and 32 Doc told me 12w the last 4 only night , wants to reduce to 26, with a check up and xray after a month, so u im optimistic now maybe itl improve faster :)
    another ther doc said 28 hip angle but also 12w, what angle did the hips become for u for the doc to say that's good ?
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