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Do you use a baby monitor?

We live in a small apartment. So far baby has been sleeping in his crib in our room, so really no need for a monitor. I can easily hear his cries from anywhere in the apartment while he's napping as well.

Soon he will be moving to his own room. I'm sure real crying will still wake us up, but can imagine I won't wake up for most other noises. I'm considering getting a monitor so I can listen in a bit better...but not sure it's worth it. He will be right next door to us.

What do you think? Do you use a monitor? Is it worth it? Especially interested to hear from folks living in small spaces or who have baby sleeping in the next room over.

Re: Do you use a baby monitor?

  • The main thing I like about the monitor is being able to see what baby is doing without having to go look no matter how close or far we put her (video monitor). For instance, you hear her crying or stirring in her crib, but are her eyes open? Has she unswaddled herself? Does she look really mad or like she's fighting her drowsiness? Is she putting her hands in her mouth (hungry)? Those are the things I look at when I hear noises from my LO's room. I also feel like if she were coughing I would be able to tell if it were normal or if she was in distress by looking at her. Sometimes I turn the volume low on the monitor bc it's easier to understand the audio in real life and it can sound magnified through the device. But the video is what truly sets my mind at ease. Hope that was helpful!
  • LO sleeps in his crib in the room next to ours. We have a foscam camera in LO's room and in our toddler's room that we can access through our smart phones. I know a lot of people are leary of this type of monitor but so far we like it and haven't had any issues. The only time I use it is if we want a quick check on the kids or if we are downstairs since it can be hard to hear LO stirring if I'm doing things downstairs while he is up in his crib. The camera is always going but to actually see the kids you have to pull up the app on your phone but I'm glad my H talked me into the camera type of monitor. We had an audio one when our toddler was a baby and did use it but a video is much better so you can see whats going on without waking or disturbing them. 

  • Our LO is in a room about 10 feet from ours and we use a regular audio monitor. We really don't need one because our townhouse is small enough that we can hear her if we're in our room or in the living room. But I like having it if I'm in the shower or the kitchen while she's sleeping. Plus I can hear her starting to fuss before she goes to full on freak out crying. I wait for her to actually cry to go in there but she's not as upset because I get there faster 
  • We use just a basic baby monitor(we don't feel the need for a video monitor, not worth the price for us). He sleeps across the hallway from us and I could easily go without the monitor as I still wake up to his cries even with it turned off.

    If it makes you feel better to be able to listen better, you could always just go with a lower cost one. We bought a pretty cheap one with our first baby and we are still using the same one now with baby #4.

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  • I have an audio only monitor and we only use it if we are in the living room or outside while Harrison is in his crib. At night, we don't need it because his room is next door to ours.

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  • We have a video monitor and I agree with PP that it's nice to be able to see what's going on before going to get him. He's still in our room now but we use it during naps. Even though I hear him without the monitor, I like to see him even if it's just to check on him really quickly. I can usually see that he's breathing, make sure his swaddle didn't somehow get pulled over his face, etc.
  • We just use a basic monitor when we're downstairs and he's napping upstairs. For the night we don't need it because he's across the hall and I can hear even the slightest noises. I'm a very light sleeper. 
  • We have a video monitor . It gives me piece of mind . Both baby and big sis are front of house upstairs we are back downstairs . Video helps me to know if she's just fighting sleep or needs me ASAP 
  • Thanks all! Still not sure I'll be getting one or not, but it's good to hear about your experiences. I might try things out a couple of nights without a monitor and see how it goes. Also need to research pricing for audio VS visual monitors.

    Anyway. Thanks again! 
  • I have a summer infant monitor. LO is in her room now so I use it. I actually turn off the sound cause she is just noisy and I can't sleep but I keep both of our mostly open so I can definitely hear her when she cries. I like that I can see if she is moving or not and also mine shows me the temperature too so I can monitor that as well if it gets too warm it will let me know. 

    I think it depends on personal preference. I use mine every night since she is in her room. 
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  • We use the WiFi baby monitor app from the Google play store. We had an extra tablet with a camera on it that we weren't using. It sends video and sound to our phone and you can hit a button so you can talk back to her from across the house. I like seeing the video because I can see if I need to go in or if she's just fussing in her sleep. 
  • Baby sleeps in next room over and we don't have a monitor. We just keep bedroom door open and leave his cracked and I can hear perfectly if he's awake and ready to get up! 
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