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Back pain

Nine weeks and I swear my lower back pain is getting worse. It's mostly my tail bone but it's affecting nerves in my lower back and legs. (I was a figure skater the first 20+ years of my my back has seen better days)

Does anyone have any tips for dealing with pain and discomfort? Sometimes it hurts to walk. I know it's going to get worse before it gets better...

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  • Hi, fellow skater!! Tylenol, heating pad, and a foam roller, along with bio freeze worked wonders my first and second trimesters. I still use everything except the foam roller because it hurts my back worse than my pains and I can't get up... 

    I also would curl my lower back in the shower under hot water for a few minutes and that would help losen those muscles. Ironically, you'll use some of those stretches and pain relieving moves in early pregnancy that we would typically use when we were training.

    Happy and healthy 9 months!!

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  • I used a great cold wrap.  I worked at a desk all day and was in agony.  Used this on an off all day and it really helped.  Try some cold therapy before investing in the wrap though.  Its a little pricey but definitely high quality.

  • Thanks ladies! I'm going to the doc Wednesday to get a referral. I had a thought about my tilted uterus and am wondering if that's what's making this so bad. We shall see!
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