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Bumbo babies!

I dug out DD's bumbo and let DS try it out. He absolutely loves it! Any other babes like the bumbo? Show them off! 

Re: Bumbo babies!

  • My big boy does! 
  • When did you guys start putting your LOs in the bumbo?? I'm not sure when to try it!
  • I think my kiddo us still too young. @willkc we started at 4mos with DD1. We had the Mamas and Papas Snug seat with DD1, but my mom still uses it at her house, so we are looking at getting the Ingenuity Baby Base this time around. 



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  • willkc said:
    When did you guys start putting your LOs in the bumbo?? I'm not sure when to try it!
    I tried him in it Friday. He has excellent head control (12 weeks tomorrow) and has for awhile. I don't let him sit in it more than about 10 min at a time and I don't leave his side. He loves the freedom it gives him though!
  • Nadine loves hers too!  She's going to be 11 weeks tomorrow.  We decided to try it out because she has great head control, but she could only handle it for 5 minutes or so.  We're just very careful! 

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  • Zoey likes hers in small intervals . She will be 12 weeks Friday 
  • Our LO loves the bumbo. 14 weeks today.
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