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  • I'm also back from a week break! Sorry I went MIA - I just found I didn't have too much to say in those early days of this cycle (which seems to happy to me every time I start a new cycle) and didn't want to be a Debbie downer!

    Month/Cycle: 8/9

    CD: 10

    WAYDTGKU: stuff and things - admittedly been a little less committed this month, but trying to get back on the bandwagon.

    R/R/CS: Rave: I'm off from work today - yay! - and am enjoying a lazy morning after a friend's wedding weekend in Sonoma. Also, I drank all the wine. Yum. Rant: Learned that DH's college ex (who we are still friends with and who was at the wedding this weekend) is KU. I hope my lukewarm reaction wasn't too obvious. I mean, I'm happy for her, of course, but this one just stung big time since (a) she's my DH's ex (obvi), (b) she wasn't even sure she wanted children (not that it matters, of course, just makes it harder since I've known I wanted children my whole life), and (c) we have always been aligned on our timing - dating/married virtually at the same time - and now I'm going to be lapped. WORST. Trying to stay positive...but the fb pregnancy announcement of another friend was NOT the right hook that I needed this morning. Uggghhhhh.

    GTKY (stolen from TWW): What is your preferred sleepwear of choice? Do you ever wear lingerie? Usually a tank and loose pajama pants. I own a little lingerie, but can't remember the last time I used it.

    Me: 36 | DH: 34
    Married: May 2008
    TTC #1 since August 2015
    FET #1: November 4, 2016
    BFP: November 13, 2016 
    EDD: July 25, 2017

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  • Month/Cycle:  8/7 (1st TTCAL)

    CD:  25, nothing in sight and hopefully that keeps up until my H gets home this weekend!!

    WAYDTGKU:  cm, bbt, OPKs, vitamins/coq10, MLD massage & acupuncture next week, sex this weekend

    R/R/CS:  I fell in love with Seattle this weekend, first after discovering the 99 through downtown, then we played and ate around Fremont, and explored around Ballard and Capitol Hill.  Anyway, new city crush happening now.

    GTKY (stolen from TWW): What is your preferred sleepwear of choice? Do you ever wear lingerie?  sports bra or tank top and narrow ankle sweat pants/long underwear so my pant legs don't end up around my knees.  Never ever ankle socks.  I have a few lacey underwear that are in my semi-regular rotation but otherwise not really at all.  Whenever we are at VS we always comment how good the lingerie will look in a pile on the floor.
    me . early 30's | h . mid 30's | < 3 . 2013

    ntnp #2 . summer 2018

    *siggy warning*

    ttc#1 . jul 2015
    mmc . mar 2016 | 6w2d
    dx PCOS (non-IR) / subclinical hypothyroidism . summer 2016
    tx metformin, levothyroxine, LP progesterone, femara + trigger + ti . fall/winter 2016
    BFP! . jan 2017
    DD . oct 2017

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  • Month/Cycle: 9/10 (4/4 NTNP) 

    CD: 7

    WAYDTGKU: stuff... staying OPKs today 

    R/R/CS: Not much. But I've been trying to be better about what I eat and my workouts. I'm not doing what I should. I'm going to try and jump into the weekly check in because I need to be accountable to someone... I guess I just don't mind disappointing myself. 

    GTKY (stolen from TWW): What is your preferred sleepwear of choice? Do you ever wear lingerie?
    I sleep naked. I can do a big shirt and panties on vacation, so I'm hopeful I can get used to it after kids, but it's odd. I have a few pieces of lingerie,but they don't come out very often. A lot of effort for a tiny bit of time... 
    Married: 01/2010
    Mirena out late 8/2015, NTNP through holidays, TTC 1/16
    BFP: 5/16 - Baby boy:1/17 He's amazing!!!
    TFAS 9/17
    BFP: 2/18 - Baby girl: 9/18 She's fabulous!!!

  • Month/Cycle: 1/1

    CD: 14

    WAYDTGKU: BBT, OPK, PNV+ DHA, CM, Pre-seed if needed 

    R/R/CS: Does anyone else get hormone related migraines?? I used to get them before switching to Yaz/Gianvi HBC and now that I'm no longer on it I'm getting migraines every week or two. Just asked by Dr to refill my Imitrex prescription but I'm curious if anyone has successfully managed theirs in a more natural way.

    GTKY (stolen from TWW): What is your preferred sleepwear of choice? Do you ever wear lingerie? I prefer to sleep in pajama pants and a t-shirt or a tank top and shorts if it's hot out. I own one piece of lingerie and I only have it because it was a gift at my bridal shower, totally don't have the body or confidence to wear it.
  • @mokay19 I know what you mean about the house noises. Sometimes my DH goes on week long business trips and whenever he leaves I swear I hear all these noises I've never heard before. I get  so paranoid something will happen. He thinks im crazy lol. 

    TTC#1 - March 2013

    BFP 8/9/13 - EDD 4/14/14 - DS born 4/23/14

    TTC#2 November 2015

    Dx: Secondary IF June 2016

    Medicated IUI cycle#1- Clomid+IUI -1/15/17 -BFN

    Break Mid 2017 - Resumed TTC December 2018

    "She believed she could so she did..."

    Medicated IUI cycle#2- Femara 5mg+IUI 12/22/18 - BFP 1/4/19 - MMC 2/1/19

    Saline Sono 3/15/19 - All Clear!

    Medicated IUI cycle#3- Femara 7.5mg+IUI 3/28/19-BFN

    Medicated IUI cycle#4- Femara 5mg+Gonal F 50iu+IUI 4/27/19- BFP 5/11/19 - MMC 6/12/19 - D&C 6/14/19-

    Incomplete M/C Repeat D&C - 7/3/19 -Testing concluded baby was genetically normal  :'(

    Dx: Unexplained RPL July 2019 - Tested + as carrier for Usher Syndrome & Familial Mediterranean Fever 

    Saline Sono 8/7/19 - Mostly Clear! All systems go for IVF#1 

    But will need a repeat Saline Sono between ER and FET

    IVF #1 - Antagonist Protocol - 8/17/19

    ER#1 8/27/19 - 12R, 6F, 4 biopsied+frozen! (3d5blasts + 1d6blast)- 2 PGS normal embabies!

    Saline Sono 9/13/19 - All Clear! Onto FET Prep#1

    FET#1 - 4AA -10/4/19 - 

  • Month/Cycle: 4/4

    CD: 17


    R/R/CS: I've been trying to use less lubricant (anything made naturally isn't quite enough) because it's bad for sperm and all that, and I'm seriously getting sore LOL.  I bought some TTC friendly lube but my H doesn't want to use it because he wants my uterus to be an obstacle course so only the best get through :|   

    Also we were helping friends move this weekend and someone asked if I should be lifting such heavy things since I'm pregnant.  I was like, I am?  And he said oh, I don't know why I thought you were.  So now I have that in my head.

    GTKY (stolen from TWW): What is your preferred sleepwear of choice? Do you ever wear lingerie?  Usually a shirt and boy short panties (sometimes no panties, I thinks it's good to "air out" every so often haha).  Pj bottoms always ride up and twist around my thighs.  I don't wear lingerie.  My regular bras and panties are cute enough.

    Me: 32 | DH: 36

    Married June 2005

    1/2016 - TTC#1

    4/2017 - Initial RE visit, Dx: Severe MFI (Varicocele, 14% motility, 3% progression, but normal count)

    7/2017 - Stage 3 endometriosis discovered during laparoscopic removal of ovarian cyst

    9/27/2017 - BFP at 10dpo (cycle 22), baby boy due June 9, 2018

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  • Aurora1973Aurora1973
    500 Love Its 500 Comments Third Anniversary Name Dropper
    edited April 2016
    Month/cycle:  4/5


    Charting, PNV, EPO, CoQ10, B6, RRL tea, OPKs, as much filthy hotel sex as I can squeeze out of OH

    Oh boy.  Well, first I managed to kill my BBT.  I guess one disadvantage to vaginal temping is that the thing might get wet and corrode out the battery.  Lovely.  So I have one day of regular thermometer temps, but at least I was able to buy another of the same BBT and keep on moving.  Second, OH works away during the week, and we were only able to FWP (not that he realizes this because I don't tell him when FW is) once.  I do really love to do things for him so that he's not just a baby making machine, but I probably should've said no to the BJ yesterday and insisted on more P in my V.  On the plus side, it's probably early in my FW, and I'm heading out to visit him tomorrow and Wednesday night, and I will definitely be saying no to BJs!!  Also, I have an acupuncture appointment today.  It's to try to manage my migraines, since I went off of the drug that was helping them, and not for fertility, but I'm going to see if they can sneak anything fertility related in.  My insurance only covers treatment for pain, so at some point I will probably have to bite the bullet and pay out of pocket for fertility acupuncture.  @LittleChick2, I hear good things about it, so I'm trying it, and will be updating once I see how it is.  That's the only thing I'm trying now besides trying to avoid my triggers of too much sugar, dehydration, and sleep deprivation.

    I'm on Team Nekkid!  At least I am when OH is home.  He's the one who converted me, but I haven't been comfortable doing it on my own...when he's gone or if we have other people around, I sleep in one of his big t-shirts and nothing else.  I agree with @RatParade that it's good to air things out!  ETA, I only wear lingerie when I drag OH somewhere like a wedding.  I'll wear pretties underneath as a promise for a later reward.  Otherwise, he just prefers nekkid.
    Me: 45 OH: 42
    Beloved SS: born 12/2011
    TTC my bio #1/our #2 since January 2016
    **TW** June 2016 had CP **end TW**
    August 2016 - dx with DOR
    Somewhere in here received recommendation to do IVF with donor eggs, elected not to; OH dx with Low T
    May 2017 - began freezing sperm
    June 2017 - OH began treatment for Low T
    July 2017 - began doing 1 IUI via a midwife and 1 at home insemination each cycle
    July 2018 - exhausted frozen sperm, officially NTNP since OH is probably shooting blanks

  • Month/Cycle: 4 TTCAL

    CD: 11

    WAYDTGKU: the usual

    R/R/CS: ugh, Monday. I'm trying to eat more healthy but I'm tired and I want all the carbs. Tuck shop in the breakroom, you are not helping...

    GTKY (stolen from TWW): What is your preferred sleepwear of choice? Do you ever wear lingerie? Mostly shorts and tank tops. The slinky stuff makes an occasional appearance, but it usually ends up in a  pile on the floor, so, eh.
  • I'm late to the party today, work has been nuts

    Month/Cycle: 5 / 5

    CD: 8

    WAYDTGKU: PNV, Folic Acid, HIO, Chart, CM, OPKS

    R/R/CS: I'm having one of these days where I cannot find anything and it's driving me crazy!!

    GTKY (stolen from TWW): What is your preferred sleepwear of choice? Do you ever wear lingerie? I sleep in shorts and a tank top most days even in the winter. if I'm cold (rarely) i'll wear sleep pants and a tank. I only really wear lingerie for special occasions or if DH and I go away somewhere.

    Me: 37
    DH: 36
    Married: 08-25-07
    DS: 11-20-09

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    Name change alert: Formerly Lisswastaken

  • Month/Cycle:  6/3

    CD: 42

    WAYDTGKU:  PNV+DHA, Folic acid, BBT, Charting, CM, OPK

    R/R/CS: Finally saw the obgyn this morning.  Started my progesterone today....Yay!!! Hopefully this works and my body starts acting right. lol. Whatever that is. 

    GTKY (stolen from TWW): What is your preferred sleepwear of choice? Do you ever wear lingerie?   It's too hot for clothes. I sleep nude or in undies only.  Could have something to do with the fact that I need to lose some lb's too....(shrug)
    Me: 35    DH: 37
    Married: April 2015
    TTC #1: Oct 2015
    BFP: Dec 2015 / MC: Jan 2016
    TTC #2: Mar 2016
    DD 16 yrs old
    2 Furbabies: Doug and Carla

    TTGP June Siggy Challenge - TV/Movie Dads - Will Smith

  • Month/Cycle: 2/3

    CD: 11

    WAYDTGKU: Entry level stuff. 

    R/R/CS: Not much. Just have a dentist appointment this afternoon with a new dentist. I had the same one for basically all of my life and close to his whole career until he retired. I'm not thrilled. I don't have a specific dentist anxiety, I just hate new doctors and I do feel like there's a lot of room for sales-based BS in the field. And it also always reminds me, even though I do have insurance, that somehow we consider dental, vision, and hearing to be luxuries as most of them come separate from 'health' insurance. Your dental health can seriously affect your overall health and without vision care, I wouldn't be able to drive. How is that something that's separate and outside of health insurance when it's one of my favorite parts of my body? If someone asked me if I would rather break a finger and let it heal wonky as a trade for contacts and glasses, I'd definitely go for the wonky finger.

    GTKY (stolen from TWW): What is your preferred sleepwear of choice? Do you ever wear lingerie?
    I pretty much only wear lingerie as an activity item. For actual sleeping, it depends on the season and if H is home. Summer is shorts and a tank top, winter might be, too, depending, and then if H is gone in the winter and I'm trying to go cheap on the heat, I might do baselayer pants, more pants, and a shirt + a sweatshirt. H hates when the house is freezing so if he's home, we heat like normal people. Sometimes it would be nice to sleep in less in the summer but I'm always afraid of a house fire so I want to be prepared to run outside. It's a weird thing that's not based in statistical data.
    Me: 34 DH: 38
    Married: June 2011
    TTC since Feb 2016
    BFP#1: 7/7/16 MMC: 8/16/16 
    BFP#2: 5/8/17 - CP
    BFP#3: 6/27/17 EDD: 3/10/18
  • Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD: 29

    WAYDTGKU: All the things

    R/R/CS: So if my temp stays up tomorrow, I should get my second set of crosshairs! But I actually trust these because they come with my typical symptoms as well as a + OPK!!

    As much as I love you guys, I've never been so excited to leave! I didn't imagine when this cycle started I would spend 30 days in WTO! Thank you all so much for all of your support during what was a ridiculous and stressful cycle for me both TTC wise and personally some days. I hope you all join me in TWW ASAP!

    Last but not least, I'm sorry I don't have time to respond to everyone in my last day here, but hugs to anyone who needs them!

    GTKY (stolen from TWW): What is your preferred sleepwear of choice? Do you ever wear lingerie?
    I wear a t-shirt and pajama pants every night. I have ten million pairs of pajama pants actually. It's a problem. I do wear lingerie from time to time, but only with a purpose!

    Never to bed!
    **Formerly @aliciabhen**
    Me: 26 DH: 24
    Married: November 2015  <3
    TTC#1: January 2016
    BFP: 5/02/16 - MC: 5/27/16
    Computer Hope
  • @SandwichLover Thanks, I'm going to try. Not agreat start today though, I admit.
    And about the allergies, do you use honey for anything? I read an article about how using local honey can decrease allergies because your body develops a resistance to the local flora. But since most of our honey is brought in from far away we lose this benefit. I know: sounds a bit hippy dippy. But I can tell a difference. And it's normally cheaper and tastes better. 

    @kellybean1988 Thanks. I need to just do it. Ugh. I jumped on the fitness thread... You can do it too! We can make each other! 
    Married: 01/2010
    Mirena out late 8/2015, NTNP through holidays, TTC 1/16
    BFP: 5/16 - Baby boy:1/17 He's amazing!!!
    TFAS 9/17
    BFP: 2/18 - Baby girl: 9/18 She's fabulous!!!

  • Like @SongbirdintheCity ;I'm also back from a week break! I too don't like to be a Debbie downer!

    Month/Cycle:  15 Total

    CD: 11

    WAYDTGKU:  all the usual......

    R/R/CS: Just loving the spring weather we are having!!

    GTKY (stolen from TWW): What is your preferred sleepwear of choice? Do you ever wear lingerie?  

    PJ pants and a tshirt

    ~Formerly @dogmomwantinghuman ~
    Me: 29 | DH: 31
    TTC #1 since January 2015
    BFP #1: 11/30/15| MC 12/16/15BFP # 2: 6/2/16 | EDD 2/16/17

  • I'm back from my IVF consult. There may not be enough time to do an IVF cycle before we move across the country. DH and I need to figure out more details on the move and see how long the waiting list is at the new clinic before making the final decision.

    TTC#1 Since March 2015
    MFI and FFI
    April 2017/May 2017 - IVF
  • Month/Cycle: 5

    CD: 5

    WAYDTGKU: Still fighting with DH... Going well, he didn't even say bye when he left for work this morning.

    R/R/CS: still feeling depressed, need to ring my doctor soon and book an appointment, probably for Thursday (it's Tuesday here) my mum is working tomorrow and I don't want to drag DS with me. Just got a text from my manager that work have finally approved my time off (by approved it I mean he just found someone to cover my shifts, technically I'm still
    not actually taking time off)  
    *sigh* I just want some answers, and I'd like them today but I have to work this afternoon 

    GTKY (stolen from TWW): What is your preferred sleepwear of choice? Do you ever wear lingerie?
    just comfy briefs and a singlet in summer and long pants or tights with a singlet in winter (Australia's winter isn't cold
    enough to need major rugging up)
    Me - 22  |   DH - 32   |  Married - 24 May 2014
    DS - January 2014 
    TTC#2 - December 2015
    BFP - 6 March 2016  |  MC Confirmed - 21 March 2016
    TTCAL  |  April 2016
    CP  |  June 2016
    CP  |  July 2016
    BFP - 25 August 2016  |  Due Date - 11 May 2017
  • @mylitta thanks for the tip about honey- I've never heard that but im open to it and will give it a shot!
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  • Also @partiallydomesticated sending you hugs. I'm sorry you're having a rough time. I hope you are able to get in to see your doctor asap. 
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