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At night my son is awake and screams if he is not on the boob. He will be on it every hour for at least 45 mins and spits up immediately upon letting go then screams for the boob again. What do I do??? He is almost 8 weeks 

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  • You should call your son's doctor. But it sounds like it could be reflux. 
  • They've checked him for that it is not reflux :/
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  • Have you talked to the doc about it since them ruling out reflux? What do they think? How much does he spit up? Does he have a similar behavior during the day or only at night?
  • They ruled reflux out the day before I posted they said it's because he had too much in his system. He only does this at night and pretty much only spits up at night
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    Try using a pacifier and swaddle if you don't already. 
  • He could be gassy and mistake the stomach pain for hunger. DD did the same thing only at night we called the nurse line one night because she was screaming for almost an hour and nothing we did seemed to help. The nurse recommended that we give her mylicon because it could be gas. It worked! It's safe for infants of all ages, I would try it if nothing else works. Massaging the belly helps too, there are videos on youtube that explain how to do it. 
    Good luck!
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  • Does he sleep flat? Or inclined in a rock n play type bassinet? Even if it's not reflux my thought is that he maybe isn't digesting well, since you say it's only at night. Could it be from eating then lying flat? Try keeping him sitting up or inclined for a while after feeding? Also I think someone said pacifier, try switching the nipple to pacifier when you think he's full. He could be just looking for comfort sucking and holding some if he time. Good luck!
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