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Not knowing what to eat

Does anyone has any tips on what to eat when nauseous all day ? I'm afraid if I eat certain things it'll make me throw it up later. I don't be wanting to eat half the time because when I throw up its really bad.

Re: Not knowing what to eat

  • small amounts of carbs, crackers w peanut butter, challah, a little bit of noodles all worked for me 
  • Try small amounts of food when you can eat. Bland food helped me personally but I know it is different for everyone. Eat when hungry even if it is just a little bit. Also talk to your dr mine had me do a combination of unisom and B6 and it helped me a lot other use stronger medicine.

    Make sure you are staying hydrated. I know it can be hard being sick but hang in there you can do this!
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  • I had to stay away from acidic foods/drinks. Orange juice was something I found out I could not have early on. 
  • I survived on bagels with peanut butter,
    banana bread and McDonald's French fries.  Lemonade was basically the only drink I could keep down.
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  • I ate plain donuts for awhile with crackers. I've been taking baby steps into real food again and agree that bland food is best. My doctor says I need to eat and if McDonald's chicken nuggets are all I can stomach than by all means eat the nuggets! 
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