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Toy talk for development

I'm cross posting on the special needs board but there isn't much activity, so I wanted to try here. My daughter is almost 12m and severely delayed. At her last evaluation she was rated under 1%. Not to make this post lengthy but a little back story, she was a 33wk preemie twin and has several health concerns, heart condition, cranial nerve palsy (stoke symptoms), breathing problems with apneas, just had her hearing corrected with tubes in February and we got glasses in March. She interacts at a 3-4mo level. She is not sitting up independently nor rolling over or pushing herself up at tummy time. We are involved with Early intervention and she has 4 therapists that come weekly (physical, occupational, speech/feeding, development specialist). Her big accomplishment recently has been the jumper, but she is on the tallest setting and will soon grow out of it. We still struggle with the walker. The problem I'm having is, even though she is interacting at a 3-4mo level, now at almost 12mo, she is tall and not fitting in the toys for her "developed age". We still use the sit and spin, floor seat, swing, rocker/bouncer but everything is a tight fit but we still need the sitting support. I know there have been studies that use of these toys may delay her development but I assure you that is not the case, her therapists actually recommend their use for her to gain strength and independence wile having the interaction of "play". My question for you mamas is, what toys have you found that help with development? Is there any larger toys that she could possibly fit into? Have any of you mama's been down this road. Im open to suggestions and really looking for fresh ideas to help her.

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Re: Toy talk for development

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    The only thing I can really think of, if she is growing out of the rocker/bouncer is maybe one of those johnny jump up seats that connects to the doorway. You can usually adjust the height if she is on the tall side. If she is growing out of the floor seat (bumbo) you can get a bath chair, those are a little bigger too. 
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    Hi there I myself had a 31 weeker though he is developmentally doing very well now he did have some small delays he is 20 mo and is mostly caught up. We have worked with out neonatal group since birth and one thing I found that helped with sitting and tummy time was his boppy I would sit him up against it with some developmental toys in front of him to help with balance and also during tummy time would just work him into a positon over the boppy for support. I sont have much more than that that I can think of right now but ill keep you in mind! Goodluck mama premies definitely have to work extra hard sometimes but they are so strong ik sure you know:)
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