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Starting solids

Our twins will be five months in a week. At their 4 month appt, the doctor cleared them for solids but we wanted to wait til closer to six for their stomachs to develop more. 
The issue I have now is our DS seems super hungry and ready for food, but DD does not. We spend all day keeping them on the same schedules for eating and naps.
For those who have already gone past this stage, did you still feed them the solids together? Did you just wait it out til both seemed ready?

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  • vibarra27vibarra27
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    I started my boys @ 5.5 months(they will be 8 months on May 3rd) with rice cereal & purees  a week after.

    My "Twin A"(i hate calling them that) got the hang of eating solids  right off the bat & my other son took 2 weeks to actually have a "full meal" & eat every time i offered solids. I also have them on a feeding & nap schedule, so i offered food to both even though "Twin B" would just spit it out. I tried feeding him every time i fed my other son so he would get used to it. His feedings would stop after he would turn his ahead away or if he pushed the food put with his tongue a few times which he did for those 2 weeks.

    Its really up to you. Some people say to wait until they seem interested but mine didnt seem interested until i actually gave it to them. Some people also say to tey & if they dont want it wait a week & try again & others say to offer it often so they can get used to. They say it takes a baby 10-15 tries of the same food to like it sometimes so dont get discouraged & give them the same food for a few days.

    & by the way when my Twin A sees me walk over with his bowl of food & bottle he gets happy, shaky in excitement & opens his mouth & gobbles down his food. Then Twin B sees me walk over with the food & bottle & he just looks, waits, & eats calm so maybe try offering her even though she doesnt look interested?

    I like keeping my boys on the same page such as the amount of food they get what type of food they eat & what time they eat etc. But its up to you, & what you feel comfortable with. Let me know how it goes!
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    Thank you!  It's just such a different ballgame with multiples. I will definitely keep you posted, but I'm glad you eventually had success at trying to feed both on the same schedules. 
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  • Yes i know! I tell my husband that i dont remember it being so much work with DD lol. & thank you!
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    We kept our boys on the same schedule with starting solids. We waited until 6 months and then they had their first avocado!

    My favorite activities and tips for surviving different phases with our twins!

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