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how old is too old for a stroller?

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I know that we are no where near not using a stroller but just curious to see wat you guys think on what age is appropriate for loosing the stroller.

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Re: how old is too old for a stroller?

  • Personally I think kids should be encouraged to walk as much as possible as soon as they can. Good for mom to carry them when they get tired. Wagons are a good alternative as they kids can at least change position as often as they want in it instead of being strapped into a slumped seated posture. 
  • We did stroller for dd when she was 4 if it would be a lot of walking. Otherwise she walked with us. 
  • When we go on long walks, we take a double stroller so DS can ride if he wants. We don't strap him in (LO is) so he can climb in and out as needed. He prefers to walk or run, but sometimes he needs a break. When LO is bigger, we'll switch to a wagon. DS is 3.5 right now.
  • I don't have much of an opinion as far as age, but I do think if a child has to curl into the fetal position or hunch over to fit into the stroller, it's time to let them walk. 
  • My four year old will occasionally hop in the stroller if I'm holding the baby. 
    When we go to like the rodeo with friends her 6 year old will jump in the stroller when he's feeling lazy. 

    I mean in both cases they usually walk but only jump in when they are beat and if it's open. Now both of them are kinda tiny and don't do the curling into the stroller like mouse mama mentioned. But I do agree that if they are over the weight limit and have to scrunch to get in there I think they're probably too big. 

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