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Failed breast feeding first time, second time?

with my first I wasn't able to breast feed. I really want to for my second but fear I won't be able to. I have done way to much research which hasn't help any either. Anybody have a failed first round but ok second round?

Re: Failed breast feeding first time, second time?

  • I wasn't able to BF ny first either. My second LO is only 10 days old, but so far he's been exclusively breastfed! I think a big part of our success so far was my anxiety level. With my first kid. I panicked every time I tried to feed her because it seemed like a fight. I gave up and switches to formula because it was too stressful. Now I understand that if my baby cries for a few seconds while we figure out a latch, it isn't the end of the world. We're still working on it, but it has been much easier this time around. 
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    It was a breeze the first time for me. She latched right on I just never produced
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  • I only breast fed my first for a few weeks. I am 8 mpp and still going strong this time. We had a rocky start. She was tied and wasn't transferring milk well but now I have a fantastic supply and we love our nursing relationship. 
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