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Formula Feeding/Making Bottles

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For those whole formula feed, how do you make your bottles? 

I am currently using Philips Avent bottles. Lately LO has been a little more gassy. I use bottled water and add the formula then shake the bottle. I'm starting to wonder if he's getting too many air bubbles in it from me shaking the bottle.

I was considering switching to Dr.Browns bottles, but wasn't sure if shaking to mix would render the same problem just with a different bottle, not to mention all the parts you have to clean with those bottles. 

I have considered pre-mixing the formula in one of those formula mixer jugs and heating it, but I didn't really want him getting used to warmed bottles and then not take room temp bottles when we are out and about. I've tried cold formula from the fridge before and it made him have an upset stomach.

I have also considered the baby Brezza machine, but that just adds another thing to have to clean and only it only makes ounces in even sizes, 2,4,6,8, etc. 

So for those who formula feed, what do you do? 

ETA: after re-reading my post it sounds like I am super lazy, but I am not. I just want the most practical/effective option, without adding a bunch of unnecessary things, however I'm willing to do what I need to do for my little guy. 

Re: Formula Feeding/Making Bottles

  • Several of my formula feeding friends used the pre-mixed formula. I've never purchased formula, so I don't know what the cost comparison is, but something to consider. I think they bought directly from Abbott



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  • We generally use ready to feed as it seems to really cut back on the gas.  But when I do end up using powder, and I should add we use Dr. Brown bottles, I stir with a spoon and finish with a swirling motion for good measure. I believe I read on their packaging not to shake as the powder could then clump up in the vent piece.

    For what it's worth, I also looked into the baby brezza and it really seems like you need to clean the spout after every use to avoid build up.  I've also heard complaints about the pitchers that if you don't need to make close to the full amount it can hold that they don't mix properly.

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  • I can't speak from experience but my best friend nannies twin boys and she's obsessed with the baby brezza. She got one for me for my shower in case I ever used formula because she said she can't live without it.
  • I FF my first and am doing the same with my second now. We found the Avent bottles didn't work with either of our boys. It gave them a bunch of gas---so it could be the bottle. What worked best for them was just the cheap Evenflo Comfort bottles--there aren't tons of parts to clean either so that is a win. What formula are you using? With both of them I found that the regular Similac Advance caused lots of gas issues too, but the Similac sensitive didn't give them much gas at all. They didn't have the Breeza with my first---but I laugh because I think it is crazy. It's just as easy as to scoop some formula into a bottle as it is to push a button on that thing. At least that's my opinion. 
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  • I use the pre mixed formula for that same reason. I also use the playtex vent aire or nursers for gas. Also you may consider warming the bottles regardless. If they're too cold it may be hurting their tummy as well. Room temperature or warmer is best.

  • We have the Doc Browns and I supplement BF/FF. Shaking the formula in the doc brown bottles does the same thing. We get a million bubbles in the bottle so I just started stiring it with a spoon. I hate all the parts with those bottles but they are the only ones DD will drink from :/
  • I use concentrated liquid formula because LO was spitting up way too much on powder, I think due to the texture - I plan to switch back to powder when she's a little older and eating solids. I use phillips avent natural flow bottles. I boil water in advance and put it in a sterilized jug in the fridge for mixing with the concentrated liquid formula and make a days worth of bottles at a time, usually in the evening. I warm them because I find LO digests warm milk better than cold and is far less fussy after a feeding. When we go out I usually put the cold bottle in a cooler and warm it when it's time to feed. Overall she digests her food very well and has far fewer gas/spit up issues than before.  

    When we were using powder I used the baby brezza formula pro but the machine got clogged up quite a bit despite cleaning the dispenser with every feeding. When I make the switch back to powder I plan to just use the machine for the water, since it keeps it at the right temperature for feeding, and mix in the powder myself once the water is dispensed. I also found that the powder mixed in much better with water that was slightly warmed versus room temperature or colder so you could always try that as well and see if it helps with the gas.
  • We use powder formula for the majority of LOs feedings now, only use ready to feed stuff when we're out and about.  I pre-mix all of her bottles, usually at night because it just makes feedings go that much more smoothly than making them on the fly.  Now I can just grab a bottle out of the fridge and throw it in the warmer when she's hungry.  We use medela bottles, the only bottle she'll take, and since I've switched to warming them she's been digesting better and is far less fussy on the bottle.  I just bought the Dr. Brown formula pitcher and really like it, now I can make all of her bottles at once and pour them out rather than having to shake each bottle individually.  We tried a bunch of different formulas because she was too gassy or too fussy before settling on enfamil reguline, now it's great and she likes it so feedings are much less of a headache.
  • Thank you all for your help and suggestions! I will try warming the bottles to start and see how that works for him! If not, I'll probably start mixing formula ahead of time and then warming. He is on Similac Advance and has done pretty well with it so far (no spit up or constipation, just the occasional gas). My neighbor swears by the Brezza, but I did read quite a few reviews where some have said it waters down the formula, is a pain to clean and gets clogged, so for me it might just be more of a hassle than what it's worth! 
  • I use playtex nursers with the liners and they help a ton! You squeeze out all the air 
  • Does anyone use gerber formula? I have a hell of a time getting it to mix and have to shake it so much. It leaves a ton of bubbles. I've tried stirring and it does nothing :(
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    I use Similac sensitive powder, and I just gently swirl the bottle after adding the powder to the water (we buy jugs of nursery water). At first we shook the bottles to mix but it created so many bubbles and it was difficult to see how many ounces LO was actually eating. I use cheap bottles we got at Walmart. I have Phillips avent bottles, but the nipple size is too big for him right now (I didn't know they came in different sizes) so the smaller cheap ones work well now. LO is 3.5 weeks old and doesn't have any gas problems. Well he toots a lot, but he doesn't have trouble getting the gas out, lol!
  • Lurking from March

    I bought a Brezza on a whim and don't know how I lived without it. I was premixing bottles at night and throwing them in the warmer, but it is SO much easier to have a bottle in seconds when you have a screaming baby than trying to calm her for the 3 minutes to heat the bottle. She was waking herself up too much and was really hard to get back to sleep after. 

    Its really easy to clean. I just run a toothpick and wet rag over where the formula comes out and wipe down the funnel once or twice a day. You only have to take it apart to clean it 1-2 times a month. 

    As for making the bottles correctly, I used a food scale to make sure they were measuring out to the same amount as the ones I made by hand. I always check to make sure when it's made the amount in the bottle looks right. You can tell when it's clogged and they're watered down. 

    it keeps the formula from getting too bubbly and I used Dr. brown's bottles to cut the rest. I couldn't live without those bottles and my Brezza. 
  • We use dr brown bottles and enfamil reguline. He has done so much better since we switched. I also make the bottle (warm tap water, add powder, gently shake/swirl) before changing his diaper so it has a few minutes to sit after being shaken. That seems to help with any bubbles. 
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    We were having problems with gas and our pediatrician told us to swirl to mix the formula instead of shaking.  She also said that pre-mixing the formula and letting is sit helps.  
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  • I think I bought all the possible bottles from babies r us! We had to switch LO from EBF to FF pretty fast due to a dairy soy allergy. I started with Dr Browns because I heard a lot about them. I would say it has the least natural nipple in my opinion, and LO had trouble transitioning from breast to their bottle. Then I tried Munchkin Latch, tommy tippee and Phillip advent. My/LO's favorites are the Latch and Advent (surprisingly). The tommy tippee has extra parts like the dr brown does, but the nipple is a bit skinnier and more breast-like. The munchkin latch doesn't have the extra parts, and a more realistic nipple. The advent when at a 1 size nipple has less gas bubbles.

    i would say to work with the nipple size as well to see what works best for your LO. The #1 nipple sizes seem to create more work for him, but he ends up drinking slower and less gas bubbles. The #2 nipples make him happier because he can chug without the added work, but it does cause more bubbles. Now he is to the point where he uses all the bottle brands I've bought in rotation because he's used to bottles now. 

    I also pre pre make his late night, during the night, and early AM bottles in the evening in 4 oz advent bottles. By the time I use them, it's not bubbly. Also HIGHLY recommend a bottle warmer too!!! I use the Phillips advent one, but it will fit any type and brand bottle. Only thing I wish it has was a timer and/or automatic off switch. Sometimes I forget to turn it off after taking the bottle out and it's annoying.

    we are on the alimentum formula due to allergy. 
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