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Doula thoughts?

My husband and I are pondering using a doula.  We would love to find a doula that could take some photographs of the birth, like him holding baby the first time, baby on my chest, etc.

A big factor is the cost and unsure if it's worth it.  This is our first kiddo.  We are delivering at Evergreen.  We need to make a decision soon....I'm 36W1D.

We've interviewed a couple doulas but aren't any closer to making a decision.  Does anyone have any thoughts on a doula, using a doula?


Re: Doula thoughts?

  • I haven't delivered with a doula (although I did have a midwife with my first), but I think if I were going to hire a doula, I'd hire a postpartum doula.  They do coaching with breastfeeding, will help care for baby (and you!), etc.  Even do some light housework and meal prep.  My friend had both delivery and a postpartum doula and didn't personally find the delivery one all that necessary.  I've delivered at Evergreen twice and had wonderful nurses both times!
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  • With #1 we didn't have a doula, just a midwife.  With #2 we have both.  I cannot explain enough how awesome it is to have a doula.  I LOVE it!  She is there for me always, does research for me, talks me off my cliffs and has been such an amazing support for both me and my husband. 

    I've seen doula prices range from $650 to $1500.  Malyssa Diemer is my doula and she is amazing.  Based out of Bellevue, but she happily travels. 

    I am giving birth any day now, and am thrilled to have her by my side.

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