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Baby-wearing question

I've been using the k'tan for hanging around the house and quick trips to the store. For longer walks, I much prefer my Ergo. My  back gets tired and sore if I use the ktan for long periods and it doesn't provide much head support, so I am always holding the baby's head when I lean or bend over.

My issue now is that I think he is too big for the infant insert with the ergo.  It says to use it til 12 lbs and my 9 week old is over 14 lbs and very long.  I think he still needs some head/neck support even though he is so big. Also, without the insert I feel like his legs are spread way too far apart and he seems very uncomfortable.  Anyone else run into this issue? Any suggestions or solutions that you have found worked well?

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  • I don't have an Ergo, but maybe try rolling a baby towel or blanket up underneath his bum to get him sitting up higher, and then bend his knees a little so his legs sit better. 

    I had a Boba SSC (like the ergo) with DD1 and I felt like there was an awkward stage where she didn't fit well in it, so I didn't use it much.



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    Can you keep using the insert?
  • I don't have an Ergo but another mom I walk with does. Her baby was born in December and is definitely over 12 lbs. They still use the insert. Maybe you can just keep using it until you feel it isn't helpful anymore, regardless of weight? 
  • Have you tried using the pillow piece from the infant insert without the wrap? I am in the same boat (LO is 15# at 9 weeks and super long). I found I get a good fit with the pillow under his bottom (makes it so his legs aren't spread so wide) and then I unbutton the panel on to of the ergo and flip it up to give more head support. 
  • Thanks all- I do feel like the full insert is too bulky and then he sits too high up. The blanket and just the pillow are good ideas! I'll give them a try.  
  • I do the same thing @ayotty does and my LO fits wonderfully. 
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  • My baby is 13lbs and the insert is kinda too small so we stooped using it a couple weeks ago. I use my ergo all the time though. I either tuck his little legs inside like a frog or let one dangle out and have the other tucked up. He seems to like it both ways.
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  • We used just the pillow and it worked great. Sleep deprivation is really messing with my problem solving skills I think - can't believe I didn't think to try it. 

    New question - are your babies awake and happy in the carriers? Mine is happy as a clam if he is asleep and will sleep a long time while being worn.  When he is awake he is so squirmy and seems  uncomfortable. I want him to just chill and be content so I can wear him around awake, too. Does that just come with time as he gets used to being in it? 
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    My LO is 12 pounds and I no longer use the insert. I just use the pillow from it. 

    eta - You shouldn't be bending over with them in a carrier. If you need something low, squat. Otherwise, they might slip out.

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  • @charliegoldengirl ;

    How often are you wearing baby? Sometimes it's just a matter of them getting used to it. DS went through a squirmy phase and I've been wearing him daily, probably multiple times a day, in woven wraps since about 4 days old. I'm also finding that now at 10 weeks he wants to look around a lot more so I'm changing the carries I do depending on his mood. Have you considered maybe a ring sling or rebozo? They're super handy for quick ups like at the grocery store and give them more of an option to look around. 
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  • I need a good baby carrier. I have a Moby which is awesome for around the house and when it's not 90 degrees so it's too hot. I bought a cheap one from Walmart but the straps are so rough it will rub his skin raw. What kind of ergo is best/practical/cost effective and breastfeeding friendly?
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    I had a moby also and love it except for how hot it is. So I invested in a Tula. I absolutely love it. You can buy brand new for about $150. Or you can look on Facebook. There are b/s/t sites for Tulas. 
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