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April Rainbows.

i don't want to clog up everyone's feed with birth stories but I'd love to hear everyone's birth stories if they'd like to share! In the beginning of my PGAL journey I found a lot of comfort in rainbow baby "success" stories. 

Our rainbow, Beau Everett, entered the world at 8lbs 4oz 21.5" on Tuesday 4/12 at 8:41am. On Monday at my 38w apt I had my membranes swept. Monday evening my contractions started. We dropped our DD off with my in laws at 10 and headed to the hospital at 11pm. By 2am I had an epidural at 5cm. Once again I had back labor. At 8cm my epidural had wiggled it's way out of my back and I got a second epidural. The midwife broke my water at 9cm. Once I hit 10cm, Beau was born with 3 mins of pushing! He came out wailing before his legs we even out! Unfortunately I had another retained placenta which required a manual sweep. At this point they had already tuned my epidural off. It was horribly painful but handled well. No tearing so my healing process has been relatively easy. I'm 10 days postpartum today and am slowly adjusting to our new "normal" with two kids! But just get a load of this little man... He's totally worth not sleeping for! 

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Re: April Rainbows.

  • Beautiful!!! He's just gorgeous!! Congratulations!! We also went from a family of three to four! He came pretty fast for you which is awesome! Keep resting & enjoy every moment! 
  • Aww!! So happy for you!! Can't wait to share my story once my princess arrives XD
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  • Congrats.  Beautiful family!
  • Aww, he's beautiful! Congratulations!
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  • Congrats!!  What a cutie!
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  • Love the name and he is gorgeous!!
  • Congratulations he is gorgeous!
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    Oh he is beautiful!!
  • Congrats @kimey1 She is just too cute! I'm glad everyone is happy and healthy! Enjoy every moment!
  • Congratulations @kimey1 She's beautiful!! Be sure to rest! 
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