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I haven't been been on the bump since 2012, but have things changed!

I am a mother of 2, 11yo boy and almost 2yo girl, and we have been TTC without success for 7 months now. 
DH and I found out we were pregnant with our 3rd child in late February 2015. The pregnancy resulted in a cornual ectopic pregnancy. I was placed in the hospital within hours of finding out for fear of rupture, by my MD orders. My right tube (and ectopic) were removed March 3, 2015. Previous to that I have multiple kathe fibroids removed from my uterus and a cesarean. There was extensive scarring after all was said and done and needed a final procedure to remove all the scar tissue to safely try and "house" a final pregnancy if I could. This was done in July 2015. 
We started actively trying September 2015. 
After recent testing with the fertility specialist I was informed that my left ovary seems to not be producing any follicles and only my right is. (That the side without the tube)
I am scheduled for another U/S in 2 weeks (5/3) to see if my lefty has kicked it into gear and will start the process of IUI of so. 
If after 3 months of failure we will move on to IVF. 

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  • Welcome! What a story! Good luck to you and your DH. Feel free to ask any questions. :)
    Me: 37 DH:41
    10/2009 - TTC#1 Stopped BCP! Let's DO this!
    1/2010 - BFP (Natural) --> 10/2010 - DS born! Yay!
    12/2010 - DH diagnosed with stage 3B testicular cancer. #cancersucks
    10/2011 - Complications with DH and lymph nodes in groin area removed. No longer able to ejaculate.
    1/2014 - TTC#2 - IUI#1. No luck. Findings: DH sperm did not survive freeze. RE recommends IVF with ICSI.
    3/2014 - IVF Cycle #1 Started BCP
    4/2014 - Lupron, Gonal-F, and Menopur
    5/7/2014 - ER day (25 eggs retrieved, 15 mature)
    5/10/2014 - 6 fertilized, 3 embryos frozen - one grade A and two Grade B. Plan was to grow out to blastocyst stage but rest of eggs arrested by day 3. Decided to freeze on day 3.
    2/9/2016 - FET #1 with Grade A (8 cell - 3 day embryo); 2/20 - Beta was <5. BFN.  :/ Waiting for period and start next FET.
    7/8/2016 - FET #2 with Grade B (8 cell - 3 day embryo), fingers crossed this one sticks. :)
    7/19 - Beta was 74. BFP!!!!; 7/21 - Beta was 182; 1st U/S on 8/2; 2nd U/S on 8/16 :)

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    Welcome!  I went through 3 rounds of IUI earlier this year and am moving into IVF next week!  Best of luck to you for your results!
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  • Welcome! Lots of good thoughts coming your way. Sorry for your loss.
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