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Moving To The Crib

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LO is nearly 10 weeks old. Right now, he naps during the day either on me/his daddy, or in his R&P. Overnight, he sleeps in the R&P. We're thinking of starting to transition him to his crib/the nursery for the overnights (and naps, too, when needed). I've read lots about this, but - any words of advice for making the transition as smooth as possible? Many thanks in advance from this FTM.  :)

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  • My little has been napping in the swing and sleeping in basinette we've been working on transitioning to crib . Some days are easier then others I've just found consistency is key ! She is a sucker for a good routine .. And my dh for some reason can't get on the routine band wagon lol
  • My DD will sleep great in the crib for her morning and afternoon naps but evenings and nights she just can't stay asleep in it. We need to buckle down and tackle that, but for now it's our arms/swing in evenings and rock n play next to our bed at night. I got a little spooked reading that SIDS risk is highest at 2-4 months (she is almost 2 months and our nursery is on a different floor) so I may prolong moving her to the crib til after 4 months for nighttime. She spits up a good bit right now and I like being able to look at her periodically to see that she's ok.
  • We did it cold turkey and he did great! He went from eating every 3 hours during the night to going about 8-9 hours without waking!
  • We also just did it cold turkey. Straight from the bassinet to crib at night. This was around 4 weeks though. He sleeps amazing in his crib at night but sleeps in the swing during the day. 
  • Thanks, ladies - great info. We'll see what works for our little dude.  :)
  • I just did at 10 weeks and he slept worse for 2 nights then started to go 7 to 8 hrs now. His crib is in our room though and his room is on another floor so I'll probably wait til he's going at least 10 hrs consistently before moving him downstairs. I think they sleep better in their cribs after the initial transition. I also think they sleep better in their own room too but I'm too lazy to want to go down in the early am so I'm waiting. I also started having him take all his naps in his crib too so he'd get used to it and put him down drowsy but awake which he's done amazing with.
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  • DD can sleep anywhere. She was in our room but I couldn't sleep cause she is a noisy baby. I started with naps, I only did a day or two of that and then I put her in for sleep and she did great. Can always try a nap or two and see how it goes. 
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  • @satuttle1014 Your sleep life sounds amazing. How old is your baby? Do you swaddle? Rock to sleep? Just lucky? Telepathy? Tell us your secrets!  :D I sure do have a needy sleeper on my hands. 
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  • @PaniaO my baby is 10 weeks now. I started putting her in crib at about 8 weeks. I used to swaddle but she doesn't really need it. During changes in the middle of the night, the Halo sleep sack swaddle that I loved would wake her up too much at night so I just put her in footies. I will rock her for a few minutes but I don't do too much so she doesn't get used to a long rocking and I also have one of those glow lights that shines stars on the ceiling, it's an dreamlike octopus from BRU and she loves it. As I leave the room I put on her white noise machine whether she needs it or not. 
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  • I just did cold turkey at 3 months. He still prefers to nap on me or in his swing but at least he's sleeping at night in his crib. 
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