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you know what to do...

I only read the black and white pages of goodnight moon last night, it was to dark to see the other ones 


  • Had to leave baby at home with hubby for a few hours. Came home house was in complete disarray. According to my FIL I need to train hubby on dealing with a baby. GREAT I have 2 kids and a dog  
  • I have been a really crappy mom to DD1 today (2.5). I'm sick and she's been annoying the heck out of me with her whining, not listening, banging toys, etc. I have snapped at her numerous times. I do feel bad, but why oh why does she have to be so annoying sometimes?? 



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  • We just cleaned our old house (yay for being done moving) and half way through DH ended up staying outside talking to the neighbors. I got pissed and kept cleaning til it was done. I also decided while cleaning that after the kids are in bed tonight I'll tell DH because I had to do that he needs to get up with baby in the morning and take him downstairs so I can sleep in. The bad part about that is that DH will do it happily anyway so it's not really "getting back at him" Ugh 
  • We had friends over tonight for a cookout and a few beers and I secretly wished I could just let loose and have a few MORE beers and not worry about waking up in the middle of the night... I wouldn't change being a mommy for anything in the world, but sometimes I do miss normal, carefree life
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