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Rough 10 month old

My lo just turned 10 months today and I have concern with how rough he is with other babies lately.  Only in the last week he has started hitting other babies when they come near him. It's not just that he's reaching out to touch them...he is clearly agitated/angry because he yells and squeals before/as he hits them. 

When it happened yesterday, the boy he hit started crying and J had a surprised look on his face and kept looking back and forth from him to me. I hoped that him seeing the boy crying would have helped him empathize and learn, but today it happened again and more frequently. 

Typically ive reacted by firmly saying no and pulling his hand away. Then saying gentle while moving his hand gently. 

Just now as I was getting ready to nurse he smacked me and also the dog that was sitting beside him. Again, squealing with what seems to be frustration (?). 

My husband and I are never ever rough with each other, with J or with the pets. So it's not learned behavior. 

There doesn't seem to be any triggers (eg not hungry or tired) other than that another baby is in his space. He eats and sleeps well, but isn't crawling or walking yet. He is pulling to stand though. I have noticed his two bottom teeth coming in in the last week, and the hitting has also been noticed in the last week. Related? 

I'm just feeling strong mom guilt. Guilt that I don't socialize him enough? We probably hang out with other babies at least twice a week. Ugh. I don't know. Any thoughts or suggestions? Friends I've talked to say it's just a stage but they the say their babies didn't go through it. 


Re: Rough 10 month old

  • I think this is normal and he is exploring. My twin girls still do  this to each other and they interact with other children daily. My twins even laugh when they pull hair while the other is screaming bloody murder. We are just trying to instill in them that it's not nice but were far from it! Hang in there I'm sure you're doing a great job!
  • My son hits when he's excited. We're working with him on it too, but I think it's perfectly normal! 
  • Thanks to everyone that responded. I really appreciate it. Maybe I'm misreading his excitement as frustration. I'll just keep on! Thanks again :)
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