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dumb question about water breaking


Re: dumb question about water breaking

  • Mine broke in line at a burger joint. I gave less than half a damn, grabbed a pad from my mom (was a small gush with constant leaking), and ate that damn burger while my husband panic vomited in the bathroom. Best burger of life. And no one saw/had any idea what was going on.
    Ugh, I called my midwife when my water broke and she said to chill at home and eat something while I still could. I cut up an apple and managed two bites, but it made me feel so sick. I can't even imagine eating a burger in that moment!! 

    PS, I didn't have any morning sickness my whole pregnancy, so I was kind of shocked I couldn't eat, but not too surprised.
    DS1 born 2/28/16
    DS2 due 12/12/18

  • My water didn't break until I was in labor 6cm dialated, im on second child and I'm now 37 weeks pregnant and I reached a point I could careless, I'm so tired of sleepless nights and all these pregnancy symptoms that if my water goes in public I'm going to celebrate........who cares what anyone else thinks, I've endured 9 months of pregnancy! Lol 
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  • My water broke at midnight I was just falling back to sleep when I felt this weird urge to jump up and run to the bathroom and it started trickling down my legs and then when I sat on the toilet it was a slow steady stream. So there wasn't this big gush I think that's mainly for dramatic effect in the movies. A few friends have similar stories they all thought they were peeing themselves and were able to get to a bathroom quickly. After it stopped I got up and then a few minutes later felt the same rush and more came out. My dr said you have pockets of fluid so it's unlikely it will all come out at once so I wouldn't worry about this at all and most women need to have their water broken in the hospital. 
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