3 weeks post c-section and feeling pretty good!

So I had my 3rd DS by c-section (first c-section btw) and it's only been 3 weeks of recovery. I'm extremely sore, but other than that I'm able to drive, do light work around the house, do some shopping, etc. I'm basically going back to a regular life style. The only thing I haven't been doing is heavy lifting and having sex. I thought I would be down for at least 6-8 weeks recovering. Anyone else recover pretty fast? I hope I'm not pushing myself too quickly and wondering if I need to chill lol. 

Re: 3 weeks post c-section and feeling pretty good!

  • I don't remember feeling down for long either. I also didn't take pain medication but maybe once when I was home. I was surprised too. My son was in the NICU so I had to walk a lot to visit him multiple times for nursing and I think that was really the ticket. 
  • I had a CS with my 1st (will be having another one with my 2nd in Aug). I felt like I recovered pretty quickly too. I actually walked 1 mile in the park while pushing the stroller just 11 days post CS (slowly of course). I was back on the elliptical (slowly) at 5 weeks post. I did have a small amount of bleeding when I worked out, but everything was fine. Definelty wasn't fun, but thought I recovered quicker then I thought. Hoping for the same this Aug!
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