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Crib mattress questions?

My cousin gifted us her daughters mattress (she out grew it a couple months ago) - 
I have questions. Does it go right in the crib? Does putting sheets, or a water proof mattress cover negate the whole point? 
We also have a normal water proof mattress that my parents bought when they gifted us the crib / changing table. Should we keep this for when the baby is a toddler?

Anyone know anything about this? 

Re: Crib mattress questions?

  • I had never heard anything about these, so I looked it up.

    I would keep the other mattress in case baby hates this one, and for when she/he is older. 

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  • Okay! 
    No mattress protector. Thank you! I hadn't done any research on these, and it appeared in my house today. Lol, amazingly lucky and grateful, but I admit a little flumoxed by the thing.

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  • These mattresses look amazing! Like PP said don't put anything over it. I believe there's a way for the top to come off and be washed. You can buy a second top to put on the frame while the other is being washed. 

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  • I have to say, after my cousin using it for a year, it still looks pristine.

    Do you think we should change out the mattress when he is older? It seems like this may be too delicate for a toddler, especially a boy.

  • It's all personal preference. And I'm not doing the research to see if it's even meant to be a toddler mattress, but I probably would switch out.

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  • @sdlindenbery I looked, and I didn't see any information either way. We have another mattress, so I think I would be inclined to switch it out as well...

  • @Allisun85 Under the FAQ section it says weight limit up to 60 lbs.  For reference, my 2.5 year old is 35lbs and already transitioned to a twin sized bed, so I wouldn't personally bother with a new crib mattress unless you really want to.
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