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Beta Help (TW possible loss)

 posted last week about slow growth on my ultrasounds and now there is more to the story since I have betas drawn. I would love any insight y'all have. 

Ok here are my stats: 
Monday and Thursday ultrasound (different machines) both measured 5w6d, there was growth but not enough to change the days and no heartbeat yet. Both are possible considering when I could have ovulated since that's up in the air. Dr said to be "cautiously optimistic"
Beta on Friday - 47,120
Beta today (3days later) - 73,000
So rising, but nurse said they may be a little high for not having been able to see anything on Thursday. 
Tell me what you know?! Are they too high? What do you think? I don't think it's molar because everywhere I read says that shows up like a cluster of grapes on an ultrasound.

Married to DH 10.29.11

DD born 1.26.13
DS born 6.12.14
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Re: Beta Help (TW possible loss)

  • Unfortunately, you just have to wait it out. Everyone's numbers are different and every pregnancy is different. 
    I know the waiting sucks and no matter how hard you try to not think negatively, you will anyhow. Just try to keep yourself busy until your next u/s and remember that whatever happens, nothing was your fault. 
  • Any news?  My HCG started out high and more than doubling until this week where they don't quite double in 48 hours.  Just curious if you had an update.
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  • Yes! Sorry. I got an ultrasound on Thursday. 6 days after my 43,000 number and I measured 6w6d with a strong heart beat. So really I did manage to have hcg for 43,000 at only 6 weeks which the nurse originally thought seemed high. 
    Also my dr said once you pass 10,000 they don't double every 48 hours it's more like every 96

    Married to DH 10.29.11

    DD born 1.26.13
    DS born 6.12.14
    #3 due 12.6.16

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