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From tummy time to teething wth

Monday marked 10 weeks for my LO unfortunately it's been plagued with crying and over all crankiness. Both my mom and MIL insist baby is teething as a FTM I'm a bit confused I was under the impression I would have until 6 months before teeth popped up. 

Hes constantly drooling which I know is a "symptom" but he's a baby they all drool. What concern my mom is he likes having his gums rubbed.

Im so confused I snapped some pics of his mouth I'm not sure what I'm even looking for. STM+ when did your babies start teething? When did their teeth come in? What did you do to help? 

Re: From tummy time to teething wth

  • FTM here too. I asked my pediatrician the same thing last week at our 8 week appt. she said the drool is just normal for baby. And that teething won't start until 4 months at the very earliest. 6 on the normal spectrum. Fussiness could be anything. I hope he can settle for you. Crying babies are no fun!! 
  • My first three all got their teeth at about five months. I suppose it's possible for teeth to come in that early, but not very common.

    I had a friend who said her daughter started showing these signs at two months and my friend was sure she was teething, but she didn't get her first tooth until after 10 months.

    Like you said, drooling is just something babies do and doesn't necessarily mean he is teething.

    Good luck and I hope his crankiness improves for you soon!

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  • As for what you're looking (or feeling for), you may see the gum swollen up in one spot if you look really closely, but usually you just feel it start to pop through. My DD1 got her first tooth around 10 or 11mos. At this age, babies can be fussy just for the heck of it.



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  • My oldest son actually got his first tooth at 3 youngest son didn't get his until 6 it can vary quite a bit.
  • Extra drool is common at this age as they start to explore more with their mouth. He may have found his hands, and be bringing them to his mouth more and gnawing on them. This is not necessarily a sign of teething at this age, more of a developmental milestone.

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  • (insert sigh of relief) @thoughtfulmommy yea he found his hands he tries to double fist his fist lol lol 
  • My little guy drools a lot too. I read around 2 months they start to develop their salivary glands and drool quite a bit more. Tonight my MIL visited and swore he was teething and felt the need to feel around his gums. I assured her he is not teething. Ugh. 
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