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Winning Wednesday

who/what is winning today
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Re: Winning Wednesday

  • Ok no lie, I'm winning. First day back at work, didn't cry when I left the baby, have a venti Starbucks and got here early. Yes me!
  • LO is winning! While it took her an extra hour to go to bed last night because lf gas, I thought she would have been awake a bunch during the night. She slept from 9-730! Go her! Thats a first
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  • I am! I weighed myself this morning and I'm 8lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight! 
  • jrouge12jrouge12 member
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    First day back at work! Cried as I left the house and cried in the car. Doing better now. I guess the big win is so far so good with pumping at school!

    Edit: Not winning pumping right now. Sitting here pumping and there's a fire drill. I may or may not have left...
  • LO only woke up once last night.  The night before, he was up four times.  This is a huge improvement
  • This happened to me too a couple weeks ago!  Fire alarm went off and I didn't know what to do.  I ended up shutting everything down and getting myself together, went outside and they told us to go back in!
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