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Right Side Stitch Pain?

Holy jeez. Have any of you gotten seriously painful stitches in your side? It feels like a stitch you'd get from running and is on my upper right hand side ribs. I had to stop giving DS his bath and call for DH it was so painful. I could barely breathe. Of course DH is worried something is wrong with the baby, but she's moving around just fine and this is nowhere near my ute. From what I've found on Google, it's being called RLP. Have you experienced this? I'm laying down now and am ok. I never experienced this while pregnant with DS.
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Re: Right Side Stitch Pain?

  • Round ligament pain, I get them once in a while I just lay on my side kick my feet up and then it goes away 
  • I had this all the time with my first and it was scary but all was fine. Haven't experienced it yet with this pregnancy-- but I expect to. Put your feet up and drink some water. That always helped me. 
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  • Mine started a few weeks ago an yesterday it was horrible. I second the laying down and kicking up your feet. Support the belly!
  • I thought RLP was down lower.  I get them more in my pelvic area on the sides under the baby.
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