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Treat Yourself Tuesday

Let's hear it...what are you doing to treat yourself this week?


Re: Treat Yourself Tuesday

  • I am not necessarily treating myself but it is going to be a treat. Friday-Saturday we have a CSR event for work. We are being taken to a hotel in a limo bus on Friday morning. We will have training and stuff throughout the day and then fun and activities after dinner. We get fed the entire time! I will have a whole bed to myself. We are also doing a charity thing for a foster home in that city while we are there and that makes it even better. I can't wait!
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  • @midwestbaby Jealous. I wish I could do that too!
  • I'm considering getting frozen yogurt with every single topping as my lunch today....we finally have consistent warm weather in NJ, I need to embrace it and get out of the office!
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  • Taking Friday off to help my mom cook for Passover but that really means about 1-2 hours of cooking and the rest of the day relaxing on the screened-in porch with some type of cool beverage and a good book!
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  • Skittles.  I bought them last week to host bunco (yes, we roll dice and the non-pregnant ladies drink a lot of wine) and I can't stop eating them.  I finished off the sour patch kids last Friday.  And I'm not even craving sweet things this pregnancy.
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  • I was going to cook dinner tonight, but my daughter's preschool is giving out coupons to a local pizza place and pizza/not cooking sounds really good. So maybe I'll treat myself to a cooking-free Tuesday night.
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  • My hubby just brought me a Qdoba burrito. So yummy!!
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    I just got my paycheck and plan on treating myself to my first ever pair of Birkenstocks. I hear they are like Dr. Marten's in the sense that they last forever. I've had my favorite pair of Docs for over 15 years and they're still going strong. I have no issue splurging big $ on shoes if they last a long time. 

    But if we're talking food, which most of you are :) I splurged and had McDonald's today. Not my finest moment, but hey... french fries were calling to me.
  • Snaps816 said:
    The salad place I often go has these slices of bread that you can take with your salad, and each comes with a little thing of softened butter. I usually don't take them, but since I've been pregnant I have been. And today I was picking up salads for myself and a co-worker so I took TWO breads and TWO butters and did NOT give one to my coworker, I ate them both myself.  :)
    Bwahahahaha! Love it! 
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  • I want ice cream  
  • My birthday is coming up fast so I had DH buy me a pregnancy wedge pillow like @Allisun85 has and some ice packs to cool off with since it's been so hot!  I used a soft ice pack my coworker had in the freezer while eating lunch yesterday, against my back, and it was awesome! No overheating while eating my hot lunch. 

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  • I ate a ton of chocolate yesterday and it was delicious.  
  • I have been treating myself to a piece of leftover birthday cake for my mid morning snack with decaf coffee everyday since Saturday. I just ate the last what?
  • @jamiesc58 Make this.  I made two last week for something I hosted and only one was gone that night... I've been enjoying it after DS goes to bed most nights since then.  It was super easy!  I would recommend not putting all the strawberries on top though, they would taste better unfrozen.

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  • @mmclark10 Oh yum!!! That looks so good, I will have to try it very soon. Thanks!
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