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TV Tuesday

What do you watch on TV? i need ideas because it is raining and i will be home after work all evening cuddle with my pillows and blankets :)

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Re: TV Tuesday

  • I'm no help. My tv pretty much stays on Disney Jr or MTV. I could watch ridiculousness all day lol. On Netflix I'm currently watching The walking dead, vampire diaries, and making a murderer because I never finished it. I just finished Parenthood, 90210(the new one), and every episode of family guy lol. I also rewatch a lot of one tree hill and greys anatomy. 
  • We have Netflix and we've watched Parks and Rec and 30 Rock from beginning to end. They're both funny shows and I love them. Orange is the New Black is a good drama, as is Scandal. If you like scary/twisted shows and movies, American Horror Story is a really good series (the first season is one of my favorites because it has some interesting plot twists). Making a Murderer is a GREAT binge-watch documentary series.

    We actually need to find some more shows to watch. We just finished "The Returned" (that was super bizarre) and now we're taking a Netflix break and watching all of the Lord of the Rings movies.
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  • I agree with PP, Making a Murderer was SO compelling!  For something similar, I highly recommend the OJ Simpson drama that just aired - "American Crime Story."  I'm also a Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder lady for my Thurs night fix.  

    If you have HBO & Showtime, Game of Thrones is AMAZING, DH and I are watching Vinyl now.. it's ok, and Shameless is awesome.  Older shows that are over now but still worth watching: Six Feet Under, Dexter, True Blood, Weeds.
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  • emmeline714emmeline714 member
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    I have watched the walking dead but lately i just stopped due to crazy livid dreams i get lol @Lynnlove28 they have making a murderer on Netflix? i lately just lay in the couch and if i ain't reading about pregnancy i am on here or passed out or stuff my face 
  • i watched the Orange is new black first season but i need to catch up, and Scandal i am up to date on that show it gets better and better each season @1faceinacrowd....... @lucypod i started watching Dexter but my DH does not like it so have to find my own time for that show and i did hear Game of Thrones was good as well...
  • @emmeline714 Game of Thrones is AWESOME! I can't wait until the next season comes out! We got rid of HBO but we'll be getting it again when GoT is back on.
    Me: 25  DH: 28

    Hubby's little boy - my wonderful step-son - born 5/23/10
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  • nanner26nanner26 member
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    I second Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, American Crime Story (OJ Simpson story), Orange is the New Black, Vampire Diaries and pretty much every other show everyone said because I watch all of them. 

    Also suggesting House of Cards.

    If anyone has Hulu, there is a new show that just ended called "11.22.63". It was really good. 

  • I just binge watched the heart of Dixie on Netflix and I'm sad it's over. Otherwise I feel like I am mostly a bravotv-aholic. 
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  • House of Cards. I absolutely love Claire.

  • I just binge watched the heart of Dixie on Netflix and I'm sad it's over. Otherwise I feel like I am mostly a bravotv-aholic. 
    Hart of Dixie was amazing! I was so upset it ended. 
  • Dh and I have been into Lucifer lately. I didn't expect it to be very good, but it is pretty enjoyable. We also really like Limitless.

    Older shows you can binge watch: Bones, Castle, How I Met Your Mother, Downton Abbey, Firefly, Gilmore Girls (watch now before the new version comes out!), Grey's Anatomy, Suits, Burn list, Chuck. 

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  • Dying @Lynnlove28:D 

    I am currently watching Bates Motel, but it is getting very dark, so I may have to stop and take a breather. We watch TWD too, and I am glad that this last season is over. Such anxiety while watching. 

    My guilty pleasures are definitely Grey's, The Vampire Diaries, and One Tree Hill. I recently started Gossip Girl from the beginning on Netflix... I think I have watched 2 seasons in less than 3 weeks. Can you say binge? 

    As far as Netflix, How to Get Away with Murder is another good one. 
  • Pretty much my TV is set to HGTV.

  • We just finished a mini-series on Hulu called 11.22.63 (it's alt-history based on the book of the same name by Stephen King). We're not super into sci-fi type stuff, but really enjoyed it. Now we're watching Hulu's new show "the Path" and I'm super excited the new season of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" is on Netflix now.

    On regular TV, we're watching Amazing Race and Survivor... we've been fans since the beginning and never miss a season of either. I love "Once Upon a Time", hubby not so much.
  • Outlander! Why has no one mentioned Outlander. "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" is also amazing
  • How about Wow Wow Wubbzy, Dora the Explorer, Barney, We got rid of cable as the cost was not worth the little amount of time we watched tv. Most of what we watch is on local channels. We also have 3 kids at home so we take turns picking movies and since they outnumber us, it is usually some sort of cartoon. Our one year old absolutely loves Wubbzy!
  • Netflix: house of cards, the fall, bloodline, daredevil, the killing, broad church, kimmy Schmidt, wentworth (the show Orange is the new black copied- soooooo much better), comedy specials - Angelah Johnson and John mullany, 

    amazon: downton Abby, how I met your mother 

  • MamaKSquaredMamaKSquared member
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    @lizzitbe, I've actually been a little disappointed by Outlander. :-/ I'm going to try to give it another chance though. 

    On my own, I like Scandal, How to get Away with Murder and Revenge (no longer airing, but it may be on Netflix - Not sure. I watched it in real time). With DH, we like Blacklist and Blindspot. He loves cop type shows. Anything with too much drama or cliff hangers, he gets annoyed a few episodes in and I'm stuck watching on my own.

    Edit - Not sure why I called Blindspot Blindside...not the same. Both great, but not the same. 
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  • House Hunters--Tiny House and International versions, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I loved the Great British Bake Off--hope they have another season soon, recently went through all the old Frasier episodes, loving How To Get Away With Murder, we liked Master of None, I liked Sense8, I'm rewatching the old X-Files, and always some Star Trek: TNG in the queue for easy watching.

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  • Too many...
    On Hulu... The Good Wife
    On Netflix... My go to's are Twin Peaks, Parks and Rec, The Office, Arrested Development, and the West Wing. We also watch House of Cards but are all caught up on that. 
    On HBO... Girls, Silicon Valley, Veep (so hysterical!), and GoT. 

    God, I watch way to much television!

  • We've also been watching the Netflix original "catastrophe" - it's cute.

  • Love - True Blood, House of Cards, Justified, Deadwood, Fixer Upper, Greys Anatomy, Orange is the New Black, Nashville, Revenge, Friends, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Hart of Dixie, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul to name a few... We have Amazon prime, Hulu and Netflix. 
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  • @tmk0325 I love Sons of Anarchy! We just finished watching the entire set of all seasons. I cannot tell you how many times I cried lol, 
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